We’re always looking for a solid happy hour, and it looks like Applebee’s is on a roll with another new drink special. In October Applebee’s debuted its month-long dollar Margaritas, and in December the restaurant chain launched month-long $1 Long Island Iced Teas. Now Applebee’s is capitalizing on one of the most popular Belgian-style beers in the U.S. by offering $2 Blue Moons this January.

The $2 Blue Moons will be served in 10 ounce draughts, which is an odd volume. However, the drink special isn’t all Applebee’s is offering. In addition to $2 Blue Moons, the chain is featuring all-you-can-eat riblets and all-you-can-eat chicken tenders. Both meals also come with unlimited fries – because nothing goes better with a fake Belgian beer than riblets, chicken tenders and fries. “2018 is the year of delicious abundance and value at Applebee’s, and we couldn’t be more excited to kick it off by bringing back something special for our fans and neighbors – the All-You-Can-Eat Riblets,” Stephen Bulgarelli, chief culinary officer of Applebee’s, said in a release. “We’ve been spending a lot of time listening to our guests to understand what they love about Applebee’s, and time and again they ask for our signature riblets. We’re giving guests what they want, which means hardy servings of Applebee’s famous riblets or original breaded chicken tenders with a mountain of delicious fries at a great value.”

You’re obviously going to need something refreshing, like a $2 Blue Moon, to wash down these all-you-can-eat saturated flavor bombs. And you might want to have a Tums handy too.