At airports across the country, masks are enforced, dining menus are digitized, and draught beers are apparently selling for more than $20 per glass. At least this was the case at New York’s LaGuardia Airport recently, where one traveler discovered Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught listed at Biergarten for $27.85.

“[L]ol at all of this,” Brooklyn resident Cooper Lund Tweeted last month, with an accompanying photo showing the menu. Along with the Sam Adams, a glass of New Belgium Fat Tire clocked in at $20.60, while an Angry Orchard Cider went for $15.75.

Lund also noted that a 10 percent charge would be added to his bill for a “Covid Recovery Fee,” though this didn’t include gratuity for service. Twitter users who came across the post showed their outrage at the prices in the comments.

Biergarten’s parent company OTG said there had been a glitch on the menu, according to an email sent to TODAY Food. The correct price was apparently meant to be $13.35 for a 16-ounce pour and $18.15 for 23 ounces. The company told TODAY Food that a staff member had input the wrong price into its system, and followed up with Lund on Twitter, offering him comped drinks the next time he flies.

After the Tweet showing the $28 beer gained national attention, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey told OTG to audit its menu prices. According to 2020 guidelines, airport businesses can charge 10 percent more for any item than their street price.

Though he opted against the Sam Adams, Lund still ordered himself a beer and ended up paying $11 for a Heineken — the cheapest pour on the menu.

“I sucked it up and paid like $11 for a 12 oz Heineken because I’m kind of a chump who still wanted the novelty of drinking a beer in an airport before noon,” Lund told TODAY.