Craft beer is nearly everywhere in America. From chain restaurants to brew pubs to the grocery store, beer lovers have become accustomed to finding great tasting beer wherever they go — including the sky.

Flying isn’t the luxury it used to be, but on many major American airlines, passengers can get premium craft beer whether they’re in first class or in the general cabin. Exactly which craft beer, though, depends on the airline. Here’s your guide to every craft beer that each major American airline serves.

Note: Which beers are craft beers isn’t as cut and dry as it used to be. Therefore, beers with an * are labeled as craft by the airline, but not considered craft by the Brewers Association.

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Alaska Airlines

Alaskan Amber and Alaskan Icy Bay IPA. For flights to Hawaii, Kona Longboard Island Lager is also available. Some regional flights will also have Fremont Interurban IPA, Pyramid Outburst IPA, Pyramid Curveball, and Pelican Kiwanda Cream.

Allegiant Air


American Airlines

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA and Sam Adams Boston Lager.


SweetWater 420, and some regional flights have beers from Ballast Point*, Blue Point*, Brooklyn Brewery, Fremont Beer, Lagunitas*, Newburyport Brewing, Sam Adams, and Stone Brewing.


New Belgium Fat Tire and Oskar Blues Pinner IPA.


Maui Brewing Company Bikini Blonde.


Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale, Harpoon Brewery UFO White, and Lagunitas Pale Ale*.


New Belgium Fat Tire, Leinenkugel’s Season Summer Shandy*.




Goose 312*, Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale*, and Sam Adams Summer Ale.

Virgin America

21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA, 21st Amendment Sneak Attack, and Anchor Steam*.

Sun Country

Founding Fathers, Lift Bridge Farm Girl Saison, and Surly Brewing Company Furious.