Wine Tasting 201: Acidity, Body, Structure, Tannins

Inspired by one of VinePair’s most popular site sections, the Wine 101 podcast takes an educational, easy-to-digest look into the world of wine. This week’s episode is brought to you by Dark Horse. Dark Horse provides great tasting wine at a reasonable price and believes that victory is yours to define.

Welcome back to Wine 101. In this episode, hosted by VinePair tastings director Keith Beavers, we look at a broad overview of wine texture. Beavers takes podcast listeners through texture by assessing acidity, structure, tannin, and body, relating each back to the character and fabric of the wine.

Introducing these components one by one, Beavers discusses the feeling of these four textural characteristics on the palate, using transferable examples such as lemonade, tea, maple syrup, and honey. With these relatable comparisons, Beavers prepares listeners to comfortably approach wine tasting like the pros.

Following this episode, listeners will have a clearer understanding of texture and other tasting “jargon,” and should find themselves more confident in their ability to point out the elements that make a wine refreshing and mouthwatering, or weighty and viscous.

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