Anchor Brewing announced earlier this week that it will cease all national distribution of its beloved brews. Instead, it will pull back to its home market,San Francisco, where it says 70 percent of its sales are made. Could this be the demise of America’s first craft brewery?

In light of the news, Adam, Joanna, and Zach discuss what this may mean for other national craft beer brands. About a decade ago, it was all the rage when local craft breweries expanded to national distribution, but with so many now available nationwide, how different can these beers really taste? Plus, with so many local craft breweries, the desire for an East Coaster to be drinking a local California craft beer while on the East Coast has disappeared.

The three also debate whether or not Anchor Brewing’s refocusing on local markets is the result of craft brewing’s failure to market. For years, craft brewing’s astronomical rise spoke for itself, and many breweries felt little to no need to market themselves — people kept coming anyway. But today, where craft beer is overflowing, a marketing budget is essential to stand out to consumers who are more likely to seek out what is put right in front of them.

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