Unpopular Opinion: Wine Wednesday has become overrated. While I may receive threats for this statement, it’s time to recognize that we’re all in an imbibing rut. Every week it’s always the same old #WineWednesday where we all sit on a couch having a glass of Pinot to celebrate surviving Monday, Tuesday, and some of Wednesday.

But it’s time we sit down and realize we’re doing this wrong. Wednesday is a supremely beige day and no amount of vino could actually make it interesting.

We need to understand that the day we all need, no, the drinking day WE ALL DESERVE, is Thirsty Thursday.

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The first sip of the upcoming weekend is always the sweetest.

Thirsty Thursday_

Most of the time it’s better than the actual game anyway.

Thirsty Thursday_2

Work on a Friday? LOL.

Thirsty Thursday_3

Thirsty in more ways than one.

Thirsty Thursday_4

More Like, “How To Get Away With Getting Lit On A Thursday.”

Thirsty Thursday_5

Think about it. You went hard at the office today.

Thirsty Thursday_6

You’ve had enough responsibility during the week, and it’s almost the weekend, so why bother?

Thirsty Thursday_7

You might as well have an excuse. #HappyHour

Thirsty Thursday_8

It’s amazing when you can actually have a conversation with somebody next to you.

Thirsty Thursday_9

Because nothing is more awkward than being the only people in the bar.

Thirsty Thursday_10

No reason to hide it.

Thirsty Thursday_11

Drafts and cocktails and slushies — oh my!

Thirsty Thursday_12

Thank the Lord I can wear jeans and a T-shirt.

Thirsty Thursday_13

You mean we don’t have to go bar-hopping???

Thirsty Thursday_14

Two days is never enough.

Thirsty Thursday_15

Old habits die hard.

Thirsty Thursday_16

Thirsty Thursday is so inclusive.

Thirsty Thursday_17


Thirsty Thursday_18


Thirsty Thursday_19

Don’t even get me started.

Thirsty Thursday_20

It’s just a lot.

Thirsty Thursday_21

We should just skip to the good part.

Thirsty Thursday_22

Let there be sleeping!

Thirsty Thursday_23

I’m grown.

Thirsty Thursday_24

It’s time for a breath of fresh air.

Thirsty Thursday_25

It’s about time.

Thirsty Thursday_26