Whether it’s Chianti, Barolo, or Prosecco, Italian wine is loved and appreciated around the world. In 2019, Italian wine producers exported a total of $7.2 billion worth of wine to more than 175 countries. According to the United Nations International Trade Statistics Database (UN Comtrade), Americans drank more Italian wine than any other country.

The United States was the top importer of Italian wine in 2019, bringing in $1.7 billion worth across the Atlantic. Germany was second, with nearly $1.2 billion worth of Italian wine crossing its border. Other European countries in the top 10 include the United Kingdom ($863 million), Switzerland ($427 million), France ($227 million), and Sweden ($199 million). Canada and Japan round out the top 10, importing $382 million and $204 million worth of Italian wine, respectively.

Read VinePair’s chart below for a breakdown of the countries that imported the most Italian wine in 2019.

The countries that drank the most Italian Wine in 2019

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