What to stream November 6

The week of November 7 will be a game changer. It’s the week that you’ll (hopefully) be able to turn on your TV without hearing about another political scandal, and you can go back and add all of your Facebook friends that you deleted because they have a different political viewpoint.

Or, it’s only going to get worse! You just can’t know for sure in this crazy, unpredictable election season. It might just be safer to stay inside, make a couple drinks and lose yourself in the new shows and movies coming to your favorite streaming services.


1. “Under The Sun”

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This Russian propaganda documentary follows the path of an eight-year-old North Korean girl as she joins the children’s union. Stay with me. Remember when we advised you to watch “The Interview” before it left Netflix? This is why. “The Interview” is way too close to reality — and this is (allegedly) reality. Drink pairing: margaritas, just like with “The Interview”. Or North Korean beer if you can smuggle some into the States.

2. “Take Me to the River”

There are some indie movies that you should avoid. “Take Me to the River” is not one of them. It’s about a California boy trying to come out to his Nebraska family when it all goes wrong. There are a lot of twists and turns here and you don’t want to miss anything — anything (words, actions, etc.). Drink pairing: Seagrams wine coolers. Kool-Aid is Nebraska’s official state drink, after all.

3. “True Memoirs of an International Assassin”

This Netflix original features Kevin James and follows an author whose fictional book gets published as nonfiction. Chaos ensues. Drink pairing: a Vesper, to drink like that other fictional character with a license to kill.


1. “Animal Fight Night”: Season 4 Premiere

Animal fights aren’t for everyone (looking at you animal rights activists). It’s made by National Geographic, though, so it’s in good taste. It’s not like it’s UFC or anything — it’s nature. Drink pairing: Bud Light out of a big plastic cup.

2. “The Haunting in Connecticut”

“The Haunting in Connecticut” is just as scary as every other “Haunting” movie. So the faint of heart can just skip right ahead. Drink pairing: Prosecco. Let the bubbles and semi-sweet joy wash away your fears.


1. “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

Allegiant is the third of the four Divergent movies. If you haven’t gotten hooked yet, give it a chance. Chances are it has a much higher production value and a stronger narrative than any of your favorite coming-of-age stories from your childhood. Drink pairing: Goose Island IPA to chug down as the characters try to get out of the wall that circles Chicago.