With Hollywood and professional sports stars getting in on the tequila game in recent years, it’s no surprise the category is worth big bucks. From George Clooney cashing in on Casamigos for $1 billion in 2017, to LA Lakers CEO Jeanie Buss, Michael Jordan, and colleagues launching the ultra-premium Cincoro Añejo this year, tequila is coming for the title of America’s top sought-after spirit.

But just how popular is tequila in the U.S.? And, more importantly, which states are home to the most loyal drinkers? Consumer insights firm Nielsen CGA answered those questions for us, and, for the sake of science, we’ve mapped out the top five tequila-loving states below.

Nielsen CGA’s April 2020 survey of 15,000 consumers nationwide found that tequila’s popularity varies across the states. Tequila orders are highest in the West South Central region, for example, particularly due to one state: Texas. According to the survey, 24 percent of Texas respondents order the spirit when they’re out drinking.

Washington State rounds out the top five with 20 percent of respondents ordering tequila while out. That’s double the number of tequila-ordering patrons in the two least tequila-friendly states (Pennsylvania and South Carolina came in at 10 percent each.)

Do you live in one of the top five tequila-loving states in America? Find out with VinePair’s map below.

Map: The States That Love Tequila the Most