As pandemic restrictions continue to loosen and temperatures rise, there’s no better time to take to the skies with a drink in hand.

While almost every airline offers plastic mini spirits bottles and lagers, many are adding increasingly popular RTDs and seltzers to their menus: Delta Airlines serves up Tip Top Proper Cocktails’ Margarita and Old Fashioned. JetBlue offers Truly’s Wild Berry hard seltzer. United, Southwest, and Frontier Airlines serve up White Claw hard seltzers — the latter two also offer Buzzballz ready-to-drink cocktails including the Tequila ’Rita and Lotta Colada.

Hawaiian Airlines’ beverage list celebrates the state’s local flavors through a partnership with On the Rocks to craft three Hawaii-inspired RTDs exclusive to the airline. These include the classic Mai Tai, the Tropical Landing — a gin cocktail with notes of violet, guava, coconut, and citrus — and the Moloka‘i Mule, a passion fruit-forward take on the Dark ‘n’ Stormy.

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On its flights, Alaska Airlines offers a selection of beers from Fremont Brewing. And while American Airlines discontinued its service of alcoholic beverages in its main cabins during the pandemic for quite some time, the airline is bringing back its alcohol service beginning April 18. Travelers will soon be able to once again enjoy Truly’s Wild Berry hard seltzer at 30,000 feet. Here’s what to expect:

Here is every RTD and Seltzer Available on Major U.S. Airlines