The Bloody Mary is the quintessential morning drink. It’s perfect for brunch, or for when you happen to have a morning flight, or really any other time before the a.m. switches to p.m. when you just need a solid drink. And while there are several variations of the Bloody, we’re going to go out on a limb to say there is one recipe that tops all others. It’s a recipe that’s perfect no matter what your mood is because it’s insanely customizable while also being incredibly simple to put together.

What makes the perfect Bloody Mary recipe? First it starts with gin. Yes, gin. While you could sub in vodka if you’re so inclined, gin heightens the Bloody to high-end cocktail status. The flavors of the gin seamlessly integrate with the tomato juice and spice to create an incredibly delicious concoction. And the rest is up to you.

The Perfect Bloody Mary Recipe [Illustrated Infographic]

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