Outback Steakhouse has been serving up Australian-inspired fare across America for nearly four decades. The much-hyped Bloomin’ Onion appetizer stands as the crown jewel on a menu filled with savory, traditional favorites.

While the branding and menu directly reference “the land Down Under,” the chain has distinctly American roots. Four Floridian friends conceived the idea for a laid-back restaurant in the early 1980s, turning that idea into the very first brick-and-mortar location in Tampa in 1988.

The goal? To make you feel like “you’re right there in the Australian Outback,” the brand states.

For those looking to sample the menu, there are nearly 700 restaurants across the United States. That means that, wherever you are, it’s more than likely that an Outback location is nearby. Outside the U.S., there are also over 250 Outback franchises across 19 countries worldwide.

Steak is the name of the game at Outback restaurants: The menu offers seven different cuts with seemingly endless preparations and styles. Other entrées, such as burgers and shrimp, are included in the chain’s standard dinner menu. Most locations also feature an extensive selection of “coldies” on tap, wines by the glass, and cocktails (of course, we can’t forget the cheeky Piña Koala).

Hungry for a taste of Australian-inspired cuisine? Keep reading to locate the nearest Outback Steakhouse.

The Number of Outback Steakhouses in Every State [MAP]

The Number of Outback Steakhouses by State

State Number of Outback Steakhouses
Florida 97
Texas 47
California 44
North Carolina 36
Virginia 33
Ohio 30
Pennsylvania  26
New York 25
Georgia 24
Maryland 23
South Carolina 21
Michigan 20
Tennessee 20
New Jersey 19
Illinois 17
Indiana 15
Louisiana  14
Alabama 13
Arizona 13
Washington 13
Colorado 12
Kentucky 11
Massachusetts 10
Nevada 10
Arkansas 8
Missouri 8
Oklahoma  8
West Virginia 8
Minnesota 7
Connecticut 6
Mississippi 6
Hawaii 5
New Mexico 5
Oregon 5
Wisconsin  5
Idaho 4
Iowa 4
Nebraska 4
Utah 4
Delaware 3
Montana 3
Kansas 2
South Dakota 2
Wyoming 2
Alaska 1
New Hampshire 1
North Dakota 0
Maine 0
Rhode Island 0
Vermont 0
Washington D.C. 0