Vicki, Staff Writer — Delamotte Blanc de Blancs

This past Saturday was my birthday, so naturally a stream of bubbles was poured for a solid forty-eight hours. A particular favorite of mine was the Delamotte Blanc de Blancs; the wine is super lively, with crisp acidity and toasty notes from its time on the lees. Summer weather and sipping on the fire-escape made the wine that much better.

Mara, Digital Designer — Texas Star

This past weekend I went to visit my family, and if theres one thing I’ve learned while in the short 27 years I’ve been on this earth, it’s about who you’re with, and not what you’re doing, or in this case drinking. So I sat in the baby pool with my one-year-old nephew while downing a Texas Star, and it was the most magical summer time moment I’ve had thus far.

Jeff, Director of Branded Content — Turmeric Tonic from Republic

One of my good friends wanted to meet up for a last minute happy hour this week so we met halfway at Republic in Union Square. I decided on the Turmeric Tonic to satiate my G&T cravings. The spice of the turmeric and the vibrance of the passion fruit truly was a refreshing break from the sweltering NYC heat.

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Michelle, Chief Revenue Officer — Glow Up Raspberry from Folksbier

I spent a day drinking Glow Up Raspberry, a Berliner Weissbier style beer brewed by Folksbier. I am not sure if it was the sunny day, beautiful bright pink hue color, the refreshing light flavor, or my IPA-fatigued palate, but it was the best beer I’ve had this year. When the world tires of IPA soon, this is the next thing.

Nick, Staff Writer — Strawberry Doppel Weizen from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

The Strawberry Doppel Weizen is proof that a beer doesn’t have to be light, fizzy, and low alcohol to be a summer beer. Buffalo Bill’s uses fresh strawberries for a subtle (but clear) fresh fruit note. The hefty, unfiltered, classic wheat flavors of banana and cloves are both refreshing and filling. Granted, it’s an 8.8 percent alcohol by volume beer, so it’s not an all day sipper. But for the right type of summer day, few things beat the Strawberry Doppel Weizen.

Sam, Marketing Director — Once Upon a Thyme from Miss Ada

The Once Upon a Thyme from Miss Ada is quite literally a midsummer night’s dream. A mixture of gin, lime and angostura, the cocktail is served ice-cold in a coupe glass with fresh thyme as a garnish. The effect of combining these ingredients is twofold: cooling you down as it propels you into a vibrant haze of herbal aromatics.

Adam, Co-Founder and CEO — In Conventino Vino Nobile di Montepulciano from Fusco

This past week I went to Fusco, the first new restaurant from Scott Conant in almost a decade. The food was insanely good — I anticipate this place getting stellar reviews, so go before that happens and getting a reservation becomes impossible — and the wine list was great too. I had a bottle of In Conventino Vino Nobile di Montepulciano that was stellar with the food. Bright acidity combined with a deep earthiness made this a wine for all courses.