How to Serve Beer at Your Wedding Instead of Wine

While serving wine at your wedding may seem like the obvious choice, swapping out vino for beer is actually easier than you think. Not only is beer insanely thirst-quenching, its versatility and array of styles make it the ideal pairing for lots of dishes — especially the kind of small dishes that get passed around at weddings. You’ll also save a lot of money. So how exactly does one go about throwing a fabulous, beer-soaked fete? Here is VinePair’s guide.

Welcome Beer

Most couples generally choose a sparkling wine or signature cocktail as the welcome drink for their guests. Switch it up by ushering your guests in with a refreshing gose or sour beer. The bright, tangy flavors and palate-stimulating acidity will prepare your guests for a night full of eating, drinking, and being merry.

Beer and Food Pairings

Pairing food with beverages isn’t limited to just wine. In fact, the extreme versatility and array of flavor profiles in beer make it easy (and interesting!) for food and beverage pairings. Pair a different beer with each course of the meal; pilsner with fish, porter with steak, and a thick, creamy stout for dessert.

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Go Big or Go Home

Serving beer at your wedding allows you to tap into some plus-size specialties you may not drink on the regular. Take advantage of the crowd and pour larger format bottles for some unique and special pours. Your guests will thank you.

Nay on IPA

O.K., not entirely. However, most people repeatedly order IPAs out of safety and comfort-zone factor. Keeping one on your wedding menu is totally fine, but we recommend taking the opportunity to school your guests on all your favorite types of nerdy beers.

Nerd Out

And while on the nerdy train, take the chance to splurge on some of your favorite pours. By nixing wine and liquor from the menu, you’ll have a lot more wiggle room in your budget to treat yourself (and your guests!) on your special day. Hey, you only get married once! (Hopefully…)

And lastly…

Decorate! Keep the beer theme flowing throughout the entire reception with rustic beer-themed decorations. Not sure where to start? Check out Hilary and Maurice’s bottle-themed centerpieces, or Ray and Espi’s growler table decorations for some serious beer-filled inspiration!