Here’s Your Drink Pairing for Your February Horoscope

Congratulations! #DryJanuary is (finally) over! If you’re ready to imbibe once again, the stars have aligned in your favor. February has some surprising things in store, so prepare your body, mind, and taste buds for what lies ahead. Here is VinePair’s February 2018 horoscope, with the perfect drink pairing for every celestial creature.

Aries: Moscow Mule

This month your mantra should be “cool as a cucumber.” Although some challenges may present themselves early in the month (thanks for nothing, total lunar eclipse!), the second half of February can be smooth sailing if you just remember to chillax and take charge of your destiny. Don’t forget to use past experiences to help guide your future; as the sun moves into your 12th house, you may find yourself looking inward rather than relying on advice from friends and family. Listen to your inner voice and find clarity in the well-balanced yet bubbly Moscow Mule. Its lightness will keep your soul composed, while the tart lime may spark creative solutions for what lies ahead.

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Taurus: Barbera

It’s time to buckle down, Taurus. That’s not usually a problem for those in this Earth sign, but February’s short lifespan may throw your normal routines off balance. Pay special attention to your romantic interests by ensuring you devote enough time to love and relationships, especially to counteract shifting planetary powers throughout the month. And what’s more sensual than a glass of red wine? This Italian favorite serves as a grounding element as well as a possible spark that may lead to… well, you know. Embrace your long-term connections and invest in new friendships. You never know where they may go!

Gemini: Piña Colada

Geminis, y’all have been crushing it lately and it shows. It’s time for you to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This will become especially important mid-month when the retrograde of planets begins, but that window of uncertainty is short and can easily be overcome with confidence and charisma. What drink better personifies treating yourself than a ridiculously garnished Piña Colada? Don’t skimp on the colorful umbrella or chunk of pineapple; go big on the indulgence. Self-assurance coupled with pampering will give you the tools you need to combat this month’s historically dreary days.

Cancer: Pomegranate Martini

It’s said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but Cancers, throw caution to the wind this month. Go ahead and succumb to whatever catches your eye, especially during the full moon on the 11th. This newfound emphasis on appearances may feel contrary to your intuitive Water sign nature, but go with it! Have you been coveting a sassy outfit or debating a wild new hairstyle? Now’s the time to take the plunge and embrace your outer appearance. Make that microblading appointment and splurge on those incredible shoes! Pair this “new you” with a pretty Pomegranate Martini. It may be a $10 cocktail, but it’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

Leo: Sangria

Ah, Leos. Your fiery nature can be so hard to anticipate, but so easy to love. As the vast majority of the planets move west this month, the only predictable thing ahead is your unpredictability. Things may be bumpy at the start, but after Mercury starts movin’ and shakin’ mid-month, you stand to be pleasantly surprised at your financial state. Use some of those extra greenbacks to enhance your adaptable lifestyle. A goblet of sangria — either white or red — can help accentuate this fluidity between you and the universe. You’re going to be full of surprises this month, Leos. Embrace what comes naturally to you and enjoy the ride.

Virgo: Bloody Mary

You’re shooting for the stars this month, Virgos! Your ambition can’t be stopped. Even with the planets in retrograde, your Earth sign intuition knows when to push and when to pull back. This tug o’ war between your goals and your relationships will continue throughout February and may take a toll on you. Try a yoga class or even meditation; a little bit of Zen can go a long way. As you walk a tightrope between being combative and enthusiastic, keep things in perspective with an extra-spicy Bloody Mary. Despite its brunch-y reputation, Bloody Marys are chronically under-appreciated after 11 a.m. Sip one at sunset for a brand-new view of an old favorite.

Libra: Margarita on the Rocks

You don’t need one of those tacky department store “Live, Love, Laugh” signs in your living room, Libras. This month, you’re gonna be living it! Venus will be in the House of Family for the majority of February, giving you plenty of opportunities for quality time with those you love. This foundation of support will come in handy as Mars goes into retrograde close to March, but don’t sweat it. An ice-cold Margarita on the rocks — complete with a salt rim — is the perfect cocktail for casual conversation. Drink in the little moments surrounded by your loved ones; they’re as sweet as the Margarita is smooth.

Scorpio: Triple IPA

Scorpios, prepare to be a #bossbitch this month. Mars is moving into your Career house, making it an auspicious time to nail that project you’ve been working on. With success at work and home, you may find yourself cutting loose in February. Shake that moneymaker to your heart’s delight! Take some risks and step outside your comfort zone by imbibing in some hop-heavy beers. February is triple IPA season, so head to your local watering hole for a pint of its bitterest brew. You’ll feel exhilarated by the experience — and it may lead to some unexpectedly great things.

Sagittarius: Viognier

If you feel in flux this February, don’t be surprised, Sagittariuses. A whole bunch of planets are changing up on you (not to mention the 15th’s partial lunar eclipse), but this doesn’t have to spell chaos. Positive thinking can help you keep your bearings; working as a team instead of your standard solo approach may help you achieve success in relationships and work. If you feel like you’re losing control, lean on family and friends to ride it out. In the meantime, pause and imbibe in some self-reflection. A glass of Viognier can help take the edge off without challenging your palate. Sit back, relax, and sip in some serenity.

Capricorn: Eau de Vie

Venus’s position in the cosmos may motivate Capricorns to get healthy this month, and the residual effects of the Sun’s departure from your sign are likely to boost these feelings of self-improvement. Now’s the time to try new things: a different jogging route, perhaps a new boxing gym, or even that Thai restaurant around the corner that you’ve been meaning to go to for ages. Top it off with a libation of eau de vie, an unaged fruit-infused brandy that’s gaining popularity in America. It mixes well with practically anything, so test your creativity and feel classy as hell in the process.

Aquarius: Robust Porter

The sun’s got your back until mid-month, which means Aquarius folks are feeling antsy for something new. But exercise caution! Diving headfirst into certain situations may result in pandemonium. Take a step back and evaluate your place in the universe, dear Aquarius. Now may be the time for a solo project — especially at the beginning of the month when Venus remains in Aquarius — but don’t fret if it doesn’t pan out. Your reliable habits are always there for you to fall back on. Crack open a deliciously malty porter for an easygoing beer with notes of chocolate and coffee. Its understated approachability may inspire the very change you seek.

Pisces: Black & Tan

Hoo boy, Pisces! You’ve got one hell of a month ahead. The name of the game for you is “finding balance,” and February might feel like a teeter-totter at times. Not only do you have a New Moon to look forward to, but also Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are on their way. Your social life is going to feel a supercharge, but that comes at a cost. Career and romantic relationships need attention as well, so your mission (should you choose to accept it) will be to achieve harmony in all areas. Take your cue from the Black & Tan. Despite its appearance, the heavier, darker layer of beer lives harmoniously with its delicate foundation of pale ale. It’s the yin and yang you so desperately need, so drink up and feel the cosmic symmetry begin to simmer.