As the seasons change from spring to summer, the universe finds itself in flux. Don’t get swept away with cosmic currents — discover your drinks destiny to see what the cosmos has in store. From star-studded skies to sparkly spirits, here is VinePair’s May 2018 drink horoscope for every sign of the zodiac.

Aries: Bière de Garde

This farmhouse ale is ideal for Aries, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

You have big ambitions this month, Aries, and that’s why the largest planet, Jupiter, is here to pump you up! Turn your gaze to the skies on May 9 and behold Jupiter at Opposition, the time when the gas giant is closest to Earth. Jupiter’s brilliance will mirror your own in the coming weeks; in fact, you’re both sending out such good vibes into the universe that you might need to chill to keep your aura in check. Snag a delicious bière de garde and relish in the French farmhouse elixir. It’ll keep you balanced without sacrificing your momentum.

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Taurus: French 75

French 75 is a Champagne cocktail and ideal for Tauruses.

May is going to be a huge transition for you, darling Bulls. On May 13, Mercury enters Taurus, only to be quickly followed by the New Moon as well as Uranus. This shift is hella significant, as it’s the first time Uranus has changed its sign in nearly a decade. This cosmic shakeup will amplify your already stubborn nature, so beware of digging your heels in too hard. A bubbly cocktail like the French 75 is a great choice this month for both its taste and its ability to distract you from aimless clashes. Kick back and stay cool, Taurus.

Gemini: Red Bordeaux

Bordeaux is ideal for Gemini in May, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

Happy birthday month, early Geminis! The moon’s gift to you is the best one of all: cold, hard cash. Keep your eyes open for money-making opportunities — especially during the first half of May — and allow yourself to indulge in the finer things in life. As the sun and Mercury enter Gemini later in the month, prepare for some sizzling, sultry shifts in your love life, which may lead to planetary-driven passion the likes of which you’ve never seen. Let yourself smolder with sensuality and embrace a luxurious lifestyle with a glass (or two) of high-end Bordeaux. Its crimson hue complements your heart chakra’s emerald essence, opening your spirit up to new possibilities.

Cancer: Italian Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is ideal for Cancers in May, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

A word of warning to you, beautiful Cancers: May could bring unexpected emotional variations that will rock you like a hurricane. True to the water sign you are, loyalty will remain your strongest asset when faced with challenges. Look to your friends for support during trying times. As Venus enters Cancer on May 19, it can bring a sense of peace to calm the waters at a pivotal juncture, but it will be crucial for you to accept criticisms in order to maintain balance. Take them in stride and wash them down with a chilled glass of Italian Pinot Grigio. With sweetness on your lips and your inner eye focused on #goals, May could end beautifully.

Leo: Espresso Martini

Leos should drink espresso martinis in May, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

It’s time to embrace the night, lovely Leos. May skies are ablaze with activity, including a new moon mid-month. This allows you to see farther into the universe than perhaps you ever have, which can open your chi to endless opportunity. With dark nights come bright dawns, and you’re in a great position to bewitch those around you with cosmic charisma. Harness midnight’s power to bring your full potential to light. An inky-black Espresso Martini is the perfect way to achieve invigoration without sacrificing liquid gratification. Here’s to the night!

Virgo: Gose

Virgos should try gose beer in May, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

Buckle up, dear Virgos. The first part of May can bring turbulence into your life, and even supercharged rose quartz may not be able to stave off chaos. But with some self-reflection and a powerful ninth house, you may make it to June unscathed. Of course, a pint of lemony-fresh gose can also take the edge off of career and relationship woes, so don’t be afraid to imbibe responsibly. Keeping a level head during times of crises will pay off for you this month, so kick back, relax, and let the universe work for you, not against you.

Libra: Paloma

Libras should try a paloma cocktail, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

Avoid stagnation during the fifth month of the year, Libras. Planentary retrogrades may find you feeling sluggish in life and love, but with minimal effort can come maximum rewards. In fact, your horizons are nearly limitless! Avoid routine and challenge yourself to put a new twist on things. Do you love yoga? Spice things up with a Pilates class instead. Is your go-to coffee order a vanilla latte? Give a cappuccino a try! And if you’re in a happy hour rut, skip the run-of-the-mill options and savor a tartly sweet Paloma. Its bright, fruity essence will keep your aura bubbly and fresh.

Scorpio: Kölsch

Scorpios should drink Kolsh in May, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

Jupiter is making it rain, Scorpios, and you’re looking flush this month! If you’ve been waiting to treat yourself, now is the time. Of course, a rise in finances may result in a drop in other aspects of your life, so beware of ignoring warning signs elsewhere. But it’s your time to shine and May promises to be chock-full of social engagements. Anticipate a whirlwind of parties and opportunities to mingle with friends new and old. With so many invites, it can be easy to overdo it, so keep things casual with a refreshing kölsch. Its low ABV and approachable taste make it the perfect beverage for this transitional season.

Sagittarius: Single Malt Scotch

Sagittarius should drink single malt scotch this month, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

You don’t need to wait for the full moon on May 29 to realize your potential, Sagittarius. It’s time to take aim at negative energy and eradicate it once and for all. Your destiny is in your hands, so exercise prudence mixed with proactivity for best results. May is the ideal month to reflect on the year so far and formulate a plan for the remainder of 2018. Obviously, there’s no better beverage to stimulate musing than a single malt Scotch. Grab a tumbler, pour two fingers, and put your desires for the remaining months out into the universe.

Capricorn: Sparkling Red Wine

Capricorns should embrace sparkling red wine, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

As a proud Capricorn, you tend to embrace practicality and honesty. This month is no exception; the days leading to the full moon on the 29th will offer ample opportunities to improve relationships with yourself and others. Because your planets are scattered across the east and west, finding balance will be crucial over the coming weeks. However, with self-discovery can come surprising revelations, so try not to take things too seriously at your own peril. Sparkling red wine provides the perfect inspiration of a classic with some zip, so take notes from this unexpected mashup when contemplating your own role in the cosmos.

Aquarius: Caipirinha

Aquariuses should embrace the Brazilian caipirinha cocktail, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

Originality will dominate your aspirations this month, creative Aquarius friends. The red planet Mars enters Aquarius on May 16, which will spark enormously innovative energy for the foreseeable future. This isn’t relegated to artistic endeavors; be prepared for unique changes at home, work, and in your relationships. Any obstacles that you come across should be approached from outside the box for better chances of success, so dive into this new frame of mind by sipping on an underrated — yet delectable — Caipirinha. The Brazilian sensation is sure to stimulate creative problem-solving.

Pisces: Glitter Beer

Glitter beer is the drink for Pisces this month, according to VinePair's drink pairing horoscope.

With meteor showers come cosmic flowers, and May’s coming up roses for you, Pisces. Not only do you have the Eta Aquarids meteor shower to look forward to in the early part of the month, but you can expect an abundance of rad stuff coming your way. Your job is going well, your social life is poppin’, and you’re looking fierce! But don’t get cocky; add a few mindfulness meditation sessions to your weekly routine to keep things in check. In the meantime, enjoy your well-deserved groove by celebrating with what’s possibly the most festive beverage of all time — glitter beer. It’s as sparkly as the stars above, so enjoy sipping the drink of the demigods.