Dogs might be called “man’s best friend,” but everyone knows cats are the cool kids on the block. Like the most popular person in your high school, cats don’t sit with just anyone. Cats are grumpy, they only really care about themselves, and boy, do they judge you.

Once they’re on your side, however, they’re loyal. Feline camaraderie feels infinitely more meaningful than its barking equivalent.

And cats make the best drinking buddies. Here are five ways to prove it.

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They don’t need looking after

Nothing puts a downer on a good night more than having to look after a friend who doesn’t know they’ve had one too many. Luckily with cats, this isn’t an issue. Fill the drinks bowl, and Snowball will sip at her own leisure. Want to leave the bar early? No problem. Whiskers will come back later, because he knows the way, and he can let himself in.

They’re happy indoors

Sometimes we don’t wanna go out to the bar, though. Sometimes we prefer to just sit around in our underwear and sip a few casual drinks. Cats are down with that, too. They don’t need walks, and if they do want to go outside, they’ll take themselves. Most of the time, though, they’re content to stare out the window, cat-nip of pet-friendly booze in paw, and ponder life’s greater, existential questions.

They’re refined

From the elegant feline stride, to the downright refusal to eat anything other than their brand of food, cats are refined. They know their own taste. Which makes them the ideal companions when the time comes to finally open that aged Bordeaux or Scottish single malt you’ve been saving. After all, who better to discuss nuanced cedar wood and tobacco leaf tasting notes than with the majestic Mr. Mittens?

They stay up late

It’s hard to wind down after a hard day at work. Especially if you get home late and everyone in the house is fast asleep. Everyone except Tibbles, that is. Accompanied by your cat, whose day is just beginning, that lonely glass of wine for one is transformed into an exclusive, late-night bonding session.

They’re a (good) bad influence

We’re more connected than ever these days, making it increasingly tempting to let work eat into our free time. Not if you have a cat, however. Cats know when it’s time to stop working, and they’ll make it abundantly clear by sitting on top of your laptop or that finance report you’ve been trying to finish for Monday. Instead, you’re left with no choice but to indulge in some us-time, with your tipple of choice and the inimitable company of Sir Meows-a-lot.