Drinking in bars can feel like such a drag at times, am I right? Sure, the effort involved in making your go-to bar feel like a second living room is undeniably time well spent, but we all experience those days where the thought of interacting with other human beings, fighting in line to get served, or even just putting on clothes, can seem like too much to handle.

That’s where the latest Scandinavian lifestyle philosophy “päntsdrunk” comes in.

First introduced in 2017 as ‘kalsarikännit’, the now easier-for-anglophones-to-pronounce, aptly-named “päntsdrunk” literally means “drinking at home, alone, in your underwear.” And with the upcoming release of local journalist Miska Rantanen’s book: “Päntsdrunk (Kalsarikanni): The Finnish Path to Relaxation,” the concept is once again receiving international attention.

In a bid to ensure nothing gets lost in translation, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs released two emojis, as well as a promotional video explaining the culture to foreigners.

In addition to drinking in your undies, ‘päntsdrunk’ also involves bingeing on Netflix, idly scrolling through your phone, munching sweet and salty snacks, and basically anything that’s not work.

Though traditionally used as a method to help residents of Nordic countries deal with cold and dark winter months, “päntsdrunk” is a versatile trend that can easily be adapted to any number of situations. Like coping with unbearably humid evenings in grand metropolises or even just… you know, because it’s a weeknight?