Do you ever wish you could take a tour of the country’s craft breweries, and know that there would be a cat waiting at each location? Now you can, with this interactive map by CatsOnTap featuring every known “working” brewery cat from California to Maine and beyond. There’s even one in Canada, one in Mexico, and one in Bermuda.

CatsOnTap, a blog and social media presence with a mission “to unite a community of craft beer fans through pictures and stories of cats posing with beers and working cats in breweries, bars, pubs, and liquor stores,” is the passion project of Caroline Campion and her husband, Nick Campion. Since 2013, their passion has united two of the internet’s favorite subjects: beer and cats.

But the pair took things to the next level with their CatsOnTap maps, dedicated to locating every #beercat in the country. At the present time, there are currently 148 brewery cats identified, at well-known craft breweries such as Pipeworks, Creature Comforts, and Tired Hands.

Along with brewery cats, there are, at present, 77 pub and bar cats, and eight shop cats to pick from. The maps may not be entirely exhaustive—we’re sure there are a few fermenter-friendly felines hiding out there who haven’t made it to the CatsOnTap Instagram feed yet (@catsontap)—but this comprehensive map is a pretty amazing way to kick off your next beercation plans.