March tends to be a largely uneventful month. Sure, spring is here — but is it really? The weather in New York certainly kept the VinePair team on our toes, but in the will-they-won’t-they pull between the sun and the clouds, the clouds definitely persisted.

So, to get through what was (hopefully) the last long stretch of gloomy weather, the VinePair staff mixed it up with a lot of interesting cocktails alongside some stunning spirits, wines, and beers. Bars in Brooklyn wowed us with Martinis and music, and a cocktail in Kentucky took one of us for quite a trip. Here are the best things we drank this March.

“Another month, another Martini. Eavesdrop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is not only one of the coolest spots in town for musicophiles; they also serve up some pretty mean cocktails. Their Nobi’s Martini provided an ideal balance of seriousness and approachability with a Japanese gin that really adheres to the senses. For any Martini fan, I would definitely recommend.” —Dario Foroutan, social editor

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“This month I checked out Grand Army, an oyster and cocktail bar that frequently rotates its cocktail selections based on creative themes. As the bar approaches its 8-year anniversary, Grand Army decided to revive some of its greatest hits from its previous menus. My favorite drink from this all-star cocktail lineup was the Boardwalk Flyer from their 2015 Trains-themed menu. It is made with mezcal, blanc vermouth, banana liqueur, and lime. I was a little nervous about the banana flavors, but they were so well-integrated and balanced that this ended up being my favorite drink of the month.” —Hannah Staab, assistant editor

“I’d have to say GinRaw Cherry Blossom. It was so unexpected, the way the flavors washed over my palate. First there was the subtle sweetness, then the sour, and finally a pepper finish. That’s what kept me going back for more. It may be called a flavored gin, but I think of it more as an infusion. Every single particle of this amazing gin is next level.” —Rob Gearity, senior director, integrated marketing

“The best thing I drank this month was, without a doubt, the 2022 release of Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash which is a selection of whiskeys from only seven prized barrels, the configuration slightly weighted toward straight rye barrels. I had the pleasure of meeting some of their amazing team as well as Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson recently. She is an inspirational trailblazer and sampling this expression, which is one of only 328 bottles, was intensely special. I tasted tangerine, molasses, and creamy flan — it was absolutely remarkable!” —Emily Arseneau, director, brand sales & partnerships

“The best thing I drank last month was the Tea Party from Canto in the West Village. It was made up of mezcal, Earl Grey, bergamot liqueur, and Demerara and was the perfect combo of smoky and sweet.” —Sara Pinsonault, designer

“The best thing I drank last month was the Acid Cat Spirit Guide cocktail at Expo in Louisville. It was described simply as ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride,’ but I’m (mostly) sure it didn’t actually have any acid in it — just some sort of spicy flower garnish that you were supposed to bite into while sipping it. It numbed your mouth in the tingly way that Szechuan peppers do, kind of. I don’t really know what else was in it.” —Dave Infante, contributing editor and columnist

“The best thing I drank this month has gotta be the Youth Lagoon Double IPA from Foam Brewers in Burlington, Vt. It’s such a soft, creamy beer, and it taps into that honeydew melon hop profile that I love so much. Even with every state pumping out great hazies these days, Vermont still seems to carry the torch.” —Pete O’Connell, intern

“My favorite thing that I drank in March was the Madame Banane at a Martell event celebrating the artwork of the Little Paris Group. This divine cocktail combined Martell Blue Swift with crème de banane and lemon juice, with a yummy plantain chip garnish. It was the perfect sip to accompany the gallery opening.” —Nicolette Baker, news writer

“I had a lot of phenomenal things to drink this month, from the Japanese Cold Noodle at Double Chicken Please to a number of great wines, but the best thing I had was probably the 2020 Castell d’Encus Ekam. With 85 percent Riesling and 15 percent Albariño, the wine is delicate, refreshing, and absolutely delicious. It’s the perfect spring sipper, and I’ll be dreaming about having another glass for quite some time. ” —Olivia White, editorial assistant

“This month, I had the Podernovi 2018 Brunello di Montalcino from San Polo winery. This single-vineyard bottling reinforced the idea that it’s OK to spend on amazing wine. It’s the kind of bottle that hits the palate and you understand the wine balance immediately.” —Keith Beavers, tastings director

“The Bitter Truth at Koloman, featuring Japanese whisky, Campari, apricot, cocoa, cereal, and salt. Megan, the head bartender, said the secret ingredient is Cocoa Puffs. It’s weird, but dang, it’s good.” —Sylvie Baggett, branded content editor