Courtney, Tasting Editor — Brancolada at Donna

I was truly skeptical when a friend insisted that this twist on a Piña Colada was the best cocktail he’s ever had as he steered me to a bar called Donna in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m not usually a fan of frozen drinks, but given the sweltering temperatures this week, I gave in. The Brancolada gets its name — and a boost of intense, refreshing peppermint purity — from Branca Menta, which is a minty, sweet version of Fernet-Branca. You know those oven-like summer days when you’re wishing for a vat of ice water to dive into? This is that, but more delicious.

Michelle, Chief Revenue Officer — 2015 Donkey & Goat Twinkle

I shared a bottle of 2015 Donkey & Goat Twinkle outside on a hot night in NYC. I’m loving natural wines right now, and this one did not disappoint. It’s unfiltered and made of mostly Mourvèdre. It was surprisingly light with bright fruits and just a touch of funkiness. Per the store recommendation, we served it chilled. It was the perfect red for a warm evening outside with friends.

Nick, Staff Writer — Rainbow Dome from Grimm Ales

I home brewed beer for the first time at a friends place on a rainy New York Saturday this week. One thing I wasn’t aware of: how much beer drinking goes on while beer brewing. We swapped a number bottles and cans, but my favorite was Rainbow Dome wild ale from Grimm Ales. It’s sour — but not puckeringly so — and tastes like a mix of ripe and slightly underripe apricot. The American hops are obvious, as is the touch of mellowing oak. A close second though was Denver Brewing Co.’s Summit Sunrise Red Rye IPA.

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Adam, CEO and Cofounder — Negronis at Nicoletta

This past week was swelteringly hot in New York, and on Wednesday night I found myself at Nicoletta in the East Village. I was drawn mostly to the pizzeria thanks to the neon sign proclaiming they had Negronis, and that’s exactly what I ordered. Bitter and refreshing, it was the perfect cocktail to beat the heat.

Mara, Digital Designer — NameShake from Butter & Scotch

This week I went to this bakery bar called Butter & Scotch with some friends. As we walked in, we were greeted with the smell of freshly baked cake and the sound of tipsy chatter at the bar. It was all very exciting, until our server greeted us. It was ironic, since you would think a bakery bar would be filled with cheerful people. Anyway, I had their boozy milkshake called The NameShake, which is made with Black Bottle Scotch, butterscotch caramel, vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and toffee bits. It was fantastic, and aside from the server, it was a great end to the night.