Batya, Managing Editor — McKenzie Distillers Reserve Gin

A friend was in town hosting a gin tasting, so I got to try a lot of really excellent gin this week. My favorite was a local one, McKenzie Distillers Reserve Gin, from the Finger Lakes. A London-style dry gin, it’s got a pithy citrus fragrance that’s so bright it’s disarming. I’m just in love.

Vicki, Staff Writer — The Dope Miner’s Daughter cocktail at Piora

Last Friday, I had one of the new spring cocktails at Piora, called The Dope Miner’s Daughter. Yola Mezcal, Dope Stamina, St. Germain, and Pomegranate Foam, served in a rocks glass. The drink was a gorgeous bright pink color, with a thick heavy layer of cloud-like foam on top. The smokiness of the Mezcal perfectly contrasted the sweet, tangy flavors of the Elderflower liqueur. Plus, Kenneth, the mastermind behind the recipe/bar is brilliant.

Sam, Social Media Editor — Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider

I had an Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider at Dromedary Bar in Bushwick, which, after a bout of indecision over what to order from the tiki-inspired drinks menu, turned out to be quite good. To be fair, the incredibly sweet, sparkling beverage tasted very little like an apple cider and I couldn’t even taste the alcohol, but that’s not so much a bad thing, now that I think about it…

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Mara, Digital Designer — Daiquiri

Over the weekend, my parents came to visit me. It was great. No really — it was great. They’re actually pretty easy to be around. Needless to say, I had a array of delicious wines and cocktails, but what stood out the most was this magnificent Daiquiri I had at, of all places, an Italian restaurant. I took my parents to a pasta making class at Aunt Jakes (it was amazing). It might sound like a strange pairing, but I don’t care. This summer you can find me at their window bar sipping away at their summer delights, watching the cook in the front churn out hand cut cavatellis, rigattonis and garganellis.

Nick, Staff Writer — The Scupper from Cape May Brewing Company

There’s been a bottle of The Scupper in the VinePair fridge for a while now. The beer is aged in French oak barrels that previously held red wine, then was bottle conditioned for three more months. Until this week, the weather never got warm enough for this slightly sour farmhouse ale. But it was so worth the wait. It’s refreshing, it’s blueberry, it’s well balanced, it’s the ideal saison and the perfect beer.

Michelle, Chief Revenue Officer — Mezcal Negroni from Ghost Donkey

I had a Mezcal Negroni at Ghost Donkey in Manhattan. Ghost Donkey has a genius bar concept that pairs mezcal cocktails with nachos. That’s all. In the Mezcal Negroni ,the smokey mezcal adds a surprising twist the the classic drink, and it went perfectly with a plate of ooey gooey mushroom nachos.