As summer progresses, the universe continues to provide good vibrations. Embrace your destiny with VinePair’s August 2018 drink horoscope. An open mind and open palate can reap amazing rewards this month!

Aries: Fruit Soju

With Mars adding positive influence in your social life, August is shaping up to be an exciting month for you, treasured Aries! The partial solar eclipse mid-month is an apt symbol of the yin and yang you’re facing for the rest of the year — and your actions over the next few weeks are a good indicator of events to come. It’s an auspicious time to expand your worldview. Add some pizzazz to your cocktail game by exploring the wide world of fruit soju, a Korean spirit similar to vodka with a variety of fruit infusions. It’s a great first step toward global enlightenment.

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Taurus: Belgian Pale Ale

Grab a sage wand and get smudging, Tauruses — it’s time to do some chi cleaning. You’ll have the best outcome around the late month full moon, but feel free to start getting prepped as soon as you feel the urge. Mercury retrograde might throw some cosmic resistance your way, so it’s important to stay clear-headed before making any major decisions. Try a delightfully sessionable Belgian pale ale. The zesty mouthfeel mixed with the classic pale ale flavor is the ideal way to take the edge off while staying sharp.

Gemini: French Muscadet

There’s quite a bit of cosmic action happening in August, gentle Geminis. You may feel pulled in too many directions (especially toward the beginning of the month) but one thing is for sure — your sensuality needs to be nurtured over the coming weeks. What better way to keep things steamy than with the ultimate aphrodisiac: oysters? Pack a picnic, shuck a dozen (or two), and pair them with a chilled French Muscadet. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Cancer: Swedish Brännvin

Mars may be stifling your efforts at work, but try to shrug off its effects, resourceful Cancers. This is the perfect time for new beginnings — just take your cues from the new moon mid-month! This is the month to take some chances (especially toward the end of August), so shrug off the mantle of habit and expand your choices. Instead of standard vodka, try Swedish brännvin. Its herbaceous notes can make the familiar seem new — just the outlook you need.

Leo: Petite Sirah

Leos, you’ve been #lit this summer — it’s been a blast! But maybe it’s time to take a chill pill and regroup, especially if August is your birthday month. Try some meditation, or perhaps a nice massage. However you decide to pamper your mind and body, it’s essential to pair it with the perfect refreshment. That’s where a glass of Petite Sirah comes in. Robust, rich, and royal, it’s everything you should aspire to be!

Virgo: Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Planetary obstacles are finally clearing themselves from your path, persistent Virgos, setting you up for major movement this month. From work and family to health and wealth, you’re on the cusp of a fortuitous shift that can help shape the final months this year in your favor. That means it’s time to paaaarty! Send the summer out with a bang, and don’t skimp on the Champagne. You have a lot to celebrate, and those corks aren’t gonna pop themselves.

Libra: Tequila Sunrise

August is hot-hot-hot and you run the risk of burning up, fiery Libras. It’s time to channel some of that emotion toward creative endeavors. Find cues in the cosmos for what you should attempt and what you should avoid. Wherever you find yourself, once Mercury is at greatest western elongation on the 26th, it promises to be the best time to gaze at the red planet as it shines brightly in the sky at sunrise. Toast to its radiance with a fitting Tequila Sunrise. Its orange hue may serve to alight new possibilities.

Scorpio: Czech Pilsner

As the Perseid Meteors shower the skies with glittery delight, you’d be wise to take inspiration from their show, Scorpios. The upcoming Mercury retrograde may be working against you, but staying grounded in your goals can help you resist its effects. Put your intentions out in the universe and be patient with the results. A cold pint of easy drinkin’ Czech pilsner may make the wait a little easier for you. (And if not, they’re just really tasty.)

Sagittarius: Gimlet

Something on your mind, Sagittarius? You’ve been flying solo for some time, and while your independent streak has allowed you to buckle down on self-growth, it may start to feel a little lonely at the top. But you have an uncanny ability to shift gears and that will bode well for you this August. Take some time to reconnect with friends in the final weeks of summer. Nothing says “I love you, man!” like the refreshing mix of gin, lime, and soda in a classic Gimlet.

Capricorn: California Merlot

Terroir rules your earthly sensibilities, Capricorns, allowing you to grow roots wherever you are. It also gives you the ability to fully experience the unique aura of the world, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. But it can also be rewarding to fully attune to the universe. When Venus reaches greatest eastern elongation on the 17th, take a moment to listen to what the cosmos is telling you. It might be to pour another glass of Merlot from the sun-kissed Golden Coast… let’s be honest, that’s what it’s saying.

Aquarius: Smoked Scotch

August is smoldering and so are you! Your career planet Pluto is moving ahead, and with it comes a whirlwind of professional opportunities. Don’t hesitate to take things to the next level; a moment of indecision could cost you dearly. If you need a little liquid courage when it’s crunch time, it’s advisable to go all in. A smooth smoked Scotch is the drink of debonairs and dukes — the perfect confidence booster when you need it most.

Pisces: Schwarzbier

Opposites rule your sign this month, paradoxical Pisces. Relationships with loved ones can blossom, but it may come at the expense of career ambitions. But you don’t have to choose between work and play! Embrace duality by shaking things up in unexpected ways. You’ll have best results around the partial solar eclipse on the 11th, so that’s a great time to try a delightfully surprising schwarzbier. Its dark color disguises its light crispness, which is exactly the type of inspiration you should go for in August.