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If a bartender gives me something for free do I leave a tip for it?

If you’ve been given a free drink by a bartender it’s most likely a buyback or part of a happy hour promotion. Either way, even though you didn’t pay for that drink, tipping is the right thing to do.

My general rule is to tip the same amount that you would have if you had paid for the drink. So if it’s a draft beer, glass of wine, or a spirit straight or on the rocks, I usually leave a dollar or two. If it’s a cocktail, I leave a bit more. Your server will thank you, and it might just lead to more free drinks. 🙂

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Can you taste wine as well if you spit?

I find that somms are really divided on this question. First there is the scientific answer, which states that technically all the taste buds that you need to accurately taste a wine are engaged prior to swallowing, so spitting a wine after swooshing it around in your mouth is completely fine.

But then there is the unexplainable, emotional answer that most give. Namely, when they actually fully consume the wine, they feel they experience it more fully, and thereby have a better appreciation for its taste.

The reality is that those who work in the trade simply can’t consume every wine they taste. For them, spitting is extremely necessary. However, for those who are simply trying to casually learn about wine, fully consuming a taste is probably the best way to appreciate it.

How do you recycle those PakTech can holders craft brewers use?

While it might seem like you recycle them differently than other plastic, you don’t. Simply put them in your plastic recycling and you’re good to go.

And since there aren’t the plastic loops you find in the regular can holders, you don’t need to snip anything before throwing it out in order to protect marine life.