2017 Is Already Off to a Better Start Than Last Year Because...

We get it — 2016 was a rough year. Between the loss of many of our beloved entertainment industry talents, a beyond-stressful election season, and the never-ending tragedies all over the globe, how could we not enter into 2017 both slightly scared and skeptical of what’s to come?

But optimism is key. We’re taking advantage of all the little victories that we hope will come our way this year, starting with Day 1 — or Day 2, as the calendar would have it. I’m talking about the extra boozy day in January! This year, the universe has aligned to allow January 2 to fall on a Monday. As if New Year’s Eve on a Saturday weren’t good enough, January 1 falling on a Sunday means the holiday extends just a little bit longer to give us that glorious three-day weekend.

So forget about starting those January 2 diets for an extra day and instead, revel in the glorious, three-day boozy bliss that only comes once every seven years. We’re kicking off 2017 right, with friends, booze, and a whole lot of laughs. We’re leaving the big party to Saturday night, followed by a lazy recovery day on Sunday, then ushering the three-day weekend out with a boozy brunch among friends. What better way to start your year (and week!) than with brunch, bloodies, and buddies?

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So grab some cocktail ingredients, whip up some eggs Benedict, and make 2017 your best year yet; the beginning is already off to a promising start.

To all of our readers, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year, from our VinePair family to yours!

Brunch Cocktail Recipes:



Bloody Mary

Winter Sangria

Bourbon Peach Punch