For as long as there has been alcohol, people have been drinking too much of it and seeking remedies to eradicate the unavoidable aftermath: a hangover. The only real hangover cure is time, but there are many tips and tricks drinks professionals swear by.

Below, 15 beer industry members share their go-to routines for easing a hangover.

“Prevention is usually preferable to recovery, so I’m usually drinking session beer. But for those times when I do need help, it’s fried eggs and as much seltzer and strong iced coffee as possible. And a beer as soon as possible, too.” — Chris Lohring, Head Brewer, Notch Brewing, Salem, MA

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“I start by getting myself out of bed — which is the hardest part — and let some natural sunlight in. For some reason it motivates me to actually get up and move. I then take a few B12 gummies and proceed towards the kitchen and get together what I need to make the craziest Bloody Mary possible. I prefer Ketel One, hot sauce, ZingZang Bloody Mary mix, blue-cheese-stuffed olives, bacon, mozzarella, and bread and butter pickles. I take my finished product and chill on my front porch. Messy hair and all.” — Alexandria Gray, Brewer, Bay Cannon Beer Company, Tampa, FL

“I remember being really hung over after a full day spent with the BrewDog team in Fraserburgh, Scotland, and the next morning absolutely dreading the thought of going out on a small lobster boat with James Watt’s father. But as soon as we left the harbor and got out into the ocean — it was a beautifully sunny and calm day — my horrible hangover was almost instantly gone. It was the most amazing recovery I’ve ever had.” — Mitch Steele, Co-founder and Brewmaster, New Realm Brewing Company, Virginia Beach, VA and Atlanta, GA

“Ramen! If I wake up feeling less than great from a long night out, ramen will most definitely help nurture me back to health. Dense, chewy noodles and a rich, salty broth helps replace sodium and retains water as you work to get rehydrated. It’s basically a proven go-to method, and the most savory bowl of electrolytes you’ve ever had. It also takes minimal effort to consume. You’re welcome.” — Michelle DeLuca, Social Media Marketing and Events, Equilibrium Brewery, Middletown, NY

“A four count of bourbon mixed with a mug of first runnings. The classic brewer’s hangover cure.” — Chris Gilmore, Brewer, Lone Tree Brewing Company, Lone Tree, CO

“Vitamin B and milk thistle pills. I try to take them before I have a few drinks. If I forget, I’ll have them right before bed. It’s not 100 percent prevention, but sure helps. The real bonus here is you get almost glowing pee from the vitamin B.” — Brent Banks, Brewer, Saint Errant Brewing, Chicago, IL

“At my evermore old and feeble age of 36, I find it increasingly difficult to avoid the aftereffects of alcohol consumption. These days, my practical move is to drink one and a half times the water in tandem with every beer. If that doesn’t work, and I wake up feeling iffy, the second part of the plan is to get myself the Taylor Swiftly from Port Side, a fantastic cafe a mere three blocks down from our taproom. It’s a breakfast sandwich with egg, cheddar cheese, Duke’s mayo and, most importantly, ketchup and potato chips, on a brioche bun. I’d get myself a hangover just for an excuse to eat one.” — Brandon Proff, Managing Partner, Our Mutual Friend Brewing, Denver, CO

“For me, it all starts the night before. I make sure to eat before bed and drink as much water as I can possibly hold down. My ace in the hole is the container of powdered Gatorade I keep in my cabinet: It never goes bad, is great for replenishing electrolytes and getting your blood sugar back up, and getting even more water in you. I’ve never been a breakfast person, especially not when I’m hung over, and this has enough calories and sugar to make up for that.” — Travis Houston, Sensory Specialist, Rhinegeist Brewery, Cincinnati, OH

“A little herbal medication goes a long way. But my absolute cure-all is a steaming bowl of rare beef pho. That sh*t will cure anything!” — Alex Gutierrez, Front of House Operations Manager, Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending, Miami, FL

“Pretend like I don’t have a hangover, until I don’t have a hangover anymore. I just ignore it until it goes away.” — Libby Crider, Co-owner, 2nd Shift Brewing, St. Louis, MO

“My belly needs to be coated with a Waffle House Texas cheesesteak melt and a side of hash browns — scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, and diced, of course. Also coffee. Even if it’s a myth, it’s mind over matter.” — Marcus Thomas, Co-owner, Cushwa Brewing Company, Williamsport, MD

“I’m a strong believer in the power of a 10 a.m. spicy Bloody Mary and a noon nap. If you can’t get back on the wagon, maybe because you work with heavy machinery, I recommend: coffee, three Advil Liqui-Gels, and Sprite! Sprite is the hangover juice from the gods. And tacos. Always tacos.” — Katarina Martinez, Marketing Director, Market Garden Brewery, Cleveland, OH

“In my experience, the worst place to be vexed with a particularly persistent hangover is when you’re traveling. The first key to success is my old friend Suero Oral, a preferable choice to Pedialyte for both flavor and effectiveness. Depending on the severity of the situation, you are then left with the choice of either sleeping it off or lumbering down to the hotel lobby for a mediocre continental breakfast where you can force down some thinly sliced bacon and overcooked scrambled eggs. Either option is an acceptable method. Lastly, don’t overdo it on the coffee or it will offset the delicate Suero balance.” — Jake Schinker, Owner, Eagle Park Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI

“There’s nothing like a good Bloody Mary or ‘un caldito de res para la cruda,’ as my parents would say. Pace yourself, know your limits, or drink fast, reckless and hangover. Your choice.” — Sam Zermeno, Brewer, Brujos, Lake Elsinore, CA

“I do the usual ‘drink lots of water,’ and sometimes throw in a multivitamin — Airborne, etc. — as part of that. But the real thing that always helps with my hangover: brunch. There’s a local spot I love going to that does a mean cheesesteak scramble. Top it all off with lying on the couch watching Netflix, and by the next day I’m back to normal. But we all know, the real hangover remedy is: another beer.” — Trevor Hayward, Co-founder, Evil Genius Beer Company, Philadelphia, PA