Unpopular opinion: Being single is awesome. You have the entire bed to yourself, there’s no one to suggest splitting an entree, and there are no never-ending deliberations on what to watch on Netflix.

The other ~super neat~ part of being single? The freedom to drink awesomely single drinks all by yourself. Still don’t believe us? Give these SINGLE drinks a swig.

A homemade Margarita made in a SINGLE batch

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Because there isn’t a Marg mix that can satisfy your cravings better than you can.

The perfectly poured, SINGLE glass of Zinfandel

Because even if the pour is heavy, it’s still one glass.

A refreshing as hell SINGLE shandy

Because the only relationship you need in your life is between fruit and beer.

A SINGLE mini-bottle of Champagne

Because it’s cute as fuck.

One SINGLE pour of absinthe served with a SINGLE sugar cube

Because the green fairy is going to treat you right.

A SINGLE bottle of a super sexy, sour beer

Because the label is gorgeous and sharing is overrated.

Your SINGLE-handedly majestically muddled Mojito

Because only warm weather drinks can save us from the dead of winter.

The classiest SINGLE pull from a bottle of Prosecco you’ve ever seen

Because why bother washing the stemware?

A SINGLE dram of that aged tequila you spent way too much on last pay day

Because you can’t have single without tequila.

The SINGLE bottle of Pinot left in your fridge

Because how else are you going to fully embrace this glorious Netflix binge that’s about to go down?

A SINGLE tray of lemon drop shots

Because we all need a little Sour Patch Kid flavor in our lives.

A SINGLE dram of a small-batch bourbon

Because friends don’t let other single friends collect dust on the shelf.

The SINGLE dark chocolate cappuccino stout you have left from your build-your-own six-pack

Because it’s more luscious than any lover could ever be.

Two SINGLE bottles of Two-Buck Chuck for you and your SINGLE best friend

Because SINGLE bitches stick together.