11 More Wine Awesome Tattoos

If you love ink, and you love wine, you’ve done one of two things: tried to create a terrible cocktail, equal parts red wine and Bic, called “Writer’s Block”; or you’ve united your love of wine and ink far more rationally by getting a permanent visual declaration of said love etched into your living skin.

Wine tattoos can vary from the earth-mother-twirling-vine type to yacht-and-bubbly-or-bust type. Which is why, yes, for the second time, we’re rounding up some of the ways people have paid mutual homage to ink and drink. Fair warning, some of them are fresh, so things may be a little … what is that, rash-y?

Either way, we salute both tattoo lovers and wine lovers alike, because both generally know how to have a good time (responsibly; notice we’re not featuring any “Chardonnay 4-Life” neck tattoos).

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Finger Tattoo from TattooBlend.com

Finger Tatt

Looks like our tattoo lady is a fan of Merlot? Definitely not dark enough to be a Cabernet. We gotta give this one classy points for not going for the (obvious) middle finger. Though, yeah, hopefully she has a lot of cause to gesture “number three.”

Grape Cluster Shoulder from AskIdeas.com

Grape Cluster Shoulder

The wondrousness of nature! The beauty of the grape cluster! And by God, this definitely looks like it hurt. Nice detail, though. (Check out the leaves.) Probably about ready for harvest — the grapes, not the shoulder.

Petrus on Petrus on Fleek from BlogYourWine.com

Petrus Tatt

This guy’s all over the Internet, and not just for that sporty hat. Holding the bottle of a consistently thousand dollar-plus bottle next to the excellent bicep replica is quite awesome. Also, again, just lovin’ that hat.

Chianti from TattooDo.com


Bet when they showed this to mom and dad there was quite a…fiasco. Get it? ‘Cause, fiasco’s what they call those straw containers? OK. Yeah.

Nico’s Resveratrol Tattoo from JacksonvilleWineGuide.com

Resveratrol Tattoo

Granted, resveratrol’s also found in cranberries, so maybe this Nico is just a big fan of cranberry sauce. But based on the confidence in his eyes, and maybe a mild glassiness we’re detecting, we’re guessing he gets his resveratrol by the 750 ml.

Crazy Upward Neck Spill Tattoo from Pinterest.com

Neck Splash

If she jumps up suddenly, more wine splashes out. Not really. But that’d be cool. Not sure why the neck/back placement, unless it’s to commemorate the time someone spilled on her new blouse. (She will never forget you did that, Jill. Never.)

Poppin’ Champagne from FYeahTattoos.com

Poppin Champagne

Apparently the tatt-celebration of a recent culinary school graduate. The ankle placement’s a good idea, because if and when you pass out or throw up from too much celebrating, you’ll remember why.

Bachelorette Pop Fizz Clink Temporary Tattoo from Etsy.com

Pop Fizz

Removable, unless you are entirely certain your bachelorette party is going to be the most epic of all time (we’re talking fireworks in the shape of shared friendship memories). Some variants allow for humorous “If found” options, though none include relevant phone numbers, which is uncharacteristically irresponsible for bachelor/bachelorette gear.

Banana Champagne from LostCityTattoo.com

Banana Champagne Tattoo

We honestly have no idea what this means. Maybe he’s a father, hence bananas—for baby—and celebratory Champagne? Though the confusion of it all makes us think “DADA for LIFE” is actually a reference to the post-WW I avant-garde, anti-normative Dadaist artistic movement. Your call.

Roger from American Dad Loves Wine from Twitter.com

Roger loves Wine

We have James (aka @Authnon) to thank for this declaration from Roger from American Dad, self-described “pansexual alcoholic non-human.” Making the tattoo that much more realistic.

(Literal) Wine Legs from Obsev.com

Wine Legs

An awesome tattoo, and a lifetime commitment that’ll be fun explaining to eventual grandkids or CrossFit teammates. Or co-fitness-Patriots. Whatever they’re called. For some reason we kind of wish this guy (or gal) had shaved the entirety of the leg. Or Naired. Or Nad’s-ed. Is Nad’s still a thing? Either way, nice legs. In all the senses.