We’re suckers for ink. While none of the full-time members of VinePair currently have any tattoos – at least none that we know of – we love how beautiful they can look on other people. While years ago, tattoos might have been rare to find among wine lovers, they now seem to be everywhere, with high-end industry professionals even sporting them. And while we may never be able to get over our own fear of needles, here are some people brave enough to rock some pretty killer wine tattoos.

The Classis Pulltap


Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Wine

Photo Courtesy of Chris Wilson

The Original


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Someone Really Loves Riesling


Johnny Depp’s Wino Forever Tattoo – Changed From Winona

Wino Forever

Showing A Passion For Ravenswood Wine


Johnny Christ’s Beer/Wine Tattoo


The Winged Butterfly


Grape Vines

Grape Vines

Sommelier Steven Grubbs Takes Climate’s Impact On Wine Very Seriously

Steven Grubbs Cool Climate

Finally, Tattoos We Can Wear – Because They’re Temporary!


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