The VinePair Team

At VinePair, Drinking is Culture. We celebrate the experiences you have and the connections you make with a glass in hand.

The Team at VinePair

About The Founders

Joshua Malin

Joshua Malin

President & Co-Founder

Josh loves putting things together — websites, words, legos, and cases of wine. Prior to VinePair, Josh spent a few years helping to build Ez Texting, an NYC startup, into the leading provider of text messaging services to small businesses. Ez Texting was acquired in late 2012, by CallFire. Josh also co-founded MobileSmarts, one of the earliest (as in monophonic ringtones) and largest distributors of ringtones in North America.

Adam Teeter

Adam Teeter

CEO & Co-Founder

Adam founded VinePair with Josh with one simple goal: create a publication he actually wanted to read in a space he was extremely passionate about. Since founding the publication Adam has become recognized as an authority on how to make the drinks world accessible to everyone as well as on the ever evolving media landscape. He is the winner of the Left Bank Bordeaux Cup American Wine-Tasting Championship and holds an MBA from NYU Stern.

Team Members

Ariela Basson
Associate Designer
Keith Beavers
Tastings Director
Katie Brown
Associate Editor
Marisa Bingham
Account Manager, Brand Partnerships & Activations
Lyndsey Corin
Director, Brand Partnerships and Sales
Edward Deitch
Copy Editor & Columnist
Jessica Fields
Assistant Editor
Dario Foroutan
Social Editor
Danielle Grinberg
Art Director
Mark Jacobs
SVP, Brand Partnerships
Allison Kuklinski
Manager, Brand Partnerships & Activations
Tim McKirdy
Senior Staff Writer
Lily Nelson
Producer, Social Video
Jenny Riddell
Director of Brand Partnerships & Events
Jason Russell
Senior Director, Brand Partnerships
Joanna Sciarrino
Executive Editor
Cat Wolinski
Managing Editor

Featured Contributors

Julia Coney
Contributing Editor
Aaron Goldfarb
Writer at Large
Dave Infante
Writer at Large
Jamie Goode
Jordan Hughes
Recipe Columnist
Mandy Naglich
Evan Rail