The Wine Of Star WarsCan you feel it? The Force is awakening this Friday and the world of Star Wars will be back, nestled nice and cozy into our frontal lobes. Being a very vocal fan of Star Wars I am often asked about wines in this universe. So in celebration of the new film, I thought I would drop some geeked out knowledge about these wines. Set your coordinates for the Core worlds and an outer rim delicacy, and follow me down my fan boy rabbit hole.

The films don’t really get into wine, but wine does very much exist in what we call the expanded universe, which includes all of the novels, comic books and other media that exists outside of the films. While there are plenty of wines mentioned in this expanded universe, three types are referenced more than others. I call them the big three:

Corellian Wine

“Ah, bless you, Chewie. Bless you for not drinking it all.”
―Han Solo

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Corellia is the capital planet of the five planet Corellian system and a member of the core worlds of the galaxy. The Corellian system is often called the Five Brothers, with Corellia being the eldest. It is home to the number one scoundrel Han Solo, as well as Wedge Antilles, one of the best X-Wing Fighter pilots in the galaxy.

Corellian wine is well known in the galaxy and is often said to be stored on the Millennium Falcon. The geography of Corellia is that of a temperate climate with rolling hills, spotted by snowcapped mountain ranges and thick forests. Besides wine, the Corellian system is known for manufacturing some of the most revered starships in the galaxy – The Millennium Falcon being one of them – but most of those manufacturing centers have been put into orbit, leaving the planet’s surface quite rural with a plethora of farming communities.

If we take this geography and apply it to our world, we can see what type of wine Corellian vintners would probably produce. Imagine the wines of Southern France from the inky dark Malbecs in the Cahors region to the the rolling temperate hills of the Rhone valley, where Grenache and Syrah red blends reign supreme. As we go north into the mountainous regions of Corellia, the foothills would probably have bright wines in the vein of Burgundian Pinot Noir and soulful Chardonnay.

Corellia is also known for deep amber hued brandy that would probably be similar to Armagnac.

Alderaanian Wine

Before being destroyed by the Death Star in the first Star Wars film, Alderaan was known as the “Shining Star” of the Core Worlds and the founding member of the Galactic republic. It was home to the Royal Engineer Organa family who took in the infant Leia, soon to be known as Princess Leia.

The geography of this once regal planet was the envy of the galaxy, dominated by mountain ranges that were intertwined with large oceans and wild grasslands. Applying this geography to our own world, the wines would probably be very similar to the wine regions that dot the Alps. White wines would mimic those of Trentino Alto Adige, such as the steely fragrant Terlaner and the off dry leechee tinge of Gewürztraminer and even the Rieslings of the Rheinhessen region in Germany. For reds I could see more obscure wines being made, such as the inky high acid Lagrein from Alto Adige or the deep and soulful Austrian Blaufränkisch – though at this point Blaufränkisch isn’t so obscure.

On the Dark Side of things, Alderaanian wine was loved by the formidable Count Dooku as well as Senator Palpatine.

Blossom Wine

“I’ve gone without blossom wine for too long.”
“Then bring him two goblets, and keep the supply flowing until his thirst is slaked.”

―King Ars Veruna and Senator Palpatine in the Theed Royal Palace

Blossom wines get the most attention in the Star Wars expanded universe, for it is a native of the planet Naboo, located towards the outer rim of the galaxy. Home to Princess Amidala and, unfortunately, Jar Jar Binks, this planet was integral in the downfall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Naboo is a world of swamps, rolling plains and lush hills. Being mostly made up of water, the wine coming from this planet is most likely white dominant and filled with rich tropical notes, such as the wines of the Canary islands, made from the native grape Listan Blanco, which produces a wine of dense fruit and tannin.

Now go forth, grab one of these wines, sneak it into the movies, and May The Force Be With You!