As you grow older, Halloween becomes more about drinking and partying with friends than running around the neighborhood trying to grab as much candy as you possibly can – until you’re a parent that is, then you run around with the kids first and have a few drinks after. But everyone has to admit they’re at least a bit nostalgic for their trick-or-treating days, especially when it comes to the end of the night, and it’s time to count and trade the loot you collected. Everyone has their favorite Halloween candy, but now that you’re grown up and more likely to be counting bottles than candy wrappers, what would be that candy’s drink equivalent? We’re glad you asked…


reeses cupsCongratulations, it seems you enjoy fighting with siblings and friends for the most popular treat in the bag. Since you love what’s popular, might we suggest some of the most popular wine, beer and cocktails: Malbec, Macro-Lager and a Whiskey & Coke.


snickersAh the old standby, plus eating a few of these during actual trick-or-treating helps provide the much needed fuel necessary to hit those last twenty houses. For you, we recommend Merlot, a Brown Ale or a Manhattan. Sure these are all crowd pleasers, but that’s just because they never let you down.

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Almond Joy

Almond JoyNot everyone has as good of taste as you do, and that’s OK, more delicious Almond Joys for you. You think outside the box, and go for the quirky choice. For your drink try an Etna Rosso, a Saison or a Negroni and keep doing things your way.

Candy Corn

candy cornWhile Candy Corn can be found year round at this point, let’s all admit this is really a seasonally appropriate offering. And if you’re one of those people for whom the season means stockpiling bags of this sugary stuff you should also grab bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau, Pumpkin Beer and Pimms Cups.

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch KidsYou like a bit of sour and a bit of sweet. But it needs to have the right balance of both, so try a Pinot Grigio for its sharp and refreshing acidity, a Gose for its sour yet refreshing flavors or a delicious Aperol Spritz.

Hershey’s Bar

hersheysThere’s no shame in enjoying the same candy eaten by your parents and grandparents. You love nostalgia, the classics, things that have stayed consistent for decades, that’s why for you no drinks would be better than a Cabernet, a Lite Beer or Scotch.

Baby Ruth

baby ruthIt’s the nostalgic choice. While it may not be as popular as it once was, it still tastes great. We suggest trying a bottle of Bordeaux, a Porter or the classic Gin Martini.


twixUnlike many of your friends, you enjoy a candy where at least you give off the appearance that you might be willing to share. With that in mind grab a Magnum of Burgundy, an Imperial IPA or a pitcher of Margaritas. After that, sharing is up to you.


skittlesYou’re frivolous and fun, maybe even a bit bubbly. Go for a nice glass of Champagne, a Lambic or a Cosmopolitan.

Kit Kat

kit katWhile Kit Kats could be shared, they’re also for people who don’t want to commit to eating the entire thing in one sitting. Kit Kat obsessives will tell you that’s because they’re meant to be savored. You know what else is meant to be savored? Barolo, IPA and a nice glass of Bourbon.

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