If you’re following us across various social channels (and we hope you are!) then you know that we’re big fans of Pinterest. A great resource for exploring the world of wine and design, it’s difficult not to find yourself addicted to the endless amount of visual gems available there. Earlier this year we highlighted panels from our Wine Design and Party Accessories boards, so today we thought we’d give you a little glimpse into the world of wine storage and vessels for wine on the go. Don’t forget to click the images for all of our pins in the designated category! (Fancy history more than design? Check out the history of wine transportation and storage here.)

Wine Storage

Whether you have all the space in the world (lucky you!) or live in a tiny apartment (sigh), there’s no reason not to be creative with your wine storage. Instead of hiding your bottles, display them proudly and let them become a part of your home decor. Have a thin space next to your fridge that you don’t know what to do with? Add some shelves and you’ve got built-in wine storage! Have a free wall in your dining room, hang the silver wine drop below for instant storage! We could go on for hours…

Wine Storage On Pinterest

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Wine On The Go

We know you love drinking at home, but sometimes life requires us to travel with wine. If you’re on your way to a dinner party, find a beautiful tote in which to bring the wine and it doubles as a bonus gift for the host! Picnic in the park? Try the Jute Wine and Picnic Tote (or you could just bring it along in your bicycle basket). If you’ve gotta travel with wine, travel in style.

Wine On The Go Pinterest