We have a few Pinterest boards – ok – 30 boards and counting. If you’re not following VinePair on Pinterest you really should. Today we wanted to highlight our boards covering wine design and envy-worthy objects for your next wine party. Click through to the boards for a bigger dose of the creativity happening in the world of wine.

Wine Design

There are some very talented designers out there working on incredible labels all over the world. Some of the designs we’ve chosen to highlight are actual bottles, while others are inspirational mock-ups, but, regardless, it’s a complete pleasure to see the amazing work happening in the wine design biz.

Pinterest Wine Design

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Wine Party Accessories

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, we come across a clever way to chill a bottle at a party (frozen water balloons to add a splash of color!). We’re constantly inspired by the cool coasters, wine charms, serving tools, and accessories we couldn’t have imagined exist for the wine lover.

Pinterest Wine Party Accessories