MAP: Red vs. Blue – The Divided Politics Of Whiskey In America

MAP: Red vs. Blue - The Divided Politics Of Whiskey

Politics and alcohol have always gone hand-in-hand. Washington loved his beer, Jefferson was a wino, and Lincoln owned his own bar. Even today, we’re extremely loyal to our drinks, and it turns out, our loyalty to a certain whiskey has a lot to do with the political party we’ll probably support.

GuestMetrics, a company that collects point-of-sale data at over 18,000 restaurants and bars across the U.S. examined whiskey preferences in every state. While it is well known that Jack Daniels is the dominant winner in most states, Jameson and Crown Royal duke it out for second place across the country and an examination of the GuestMetrics data reveals a very interesting outcome: States that vote Democrat overwhelming prefer Jameson, while states that vote Republican prefer Crown Royal. Even more interesting is that in the nine swing states that have actually flipped parties at least once since the 2000 election, there is no clear favorite whiskey, except in one, New Mexico, which is a Crown Royal supporter.

So it seems pretty clear that if you’re a Crown drinker, you’re more likely to vote Republican and if you prefer a shot of Jameson, the Democrats are your party of choice.

Check out the map below: