In 2014, the world’s ten largest beer exporting countries pumped out 75% of the $13.4 billion worth of beer exported around the world (roughly $10 billion). We took a close look at these ten countries, and each of their ten thirstiest customers. And when we say thirsty, we mean thirsty. The top ten export markets for these countries collectively imported 85% of the beer that they offered to the entire world. That adds up to $8.5 billion — a whole lot of beer.

How To Use This Chart
Exporting countries are on the left and importers are on the right. In some cases countries appear on both sides. Hover over any country’s colored block to see the value of their exports and/or imports to/from the top ten. The width of the paths between the countries are scaled to export revenue. Hover over any path to see the value of those exports. For example, highlight the path from Mexico to the U.S. to reveal $1.88 billion worth of exports. You can click on any country to highlight its import and/or export partners.

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Interesting Odds & Ends

  • Mexico dominates the beer export market, winning both on value and volume (volume to such a larger extent it lifts value).
  • Over 75% of Mexico’s exports head just north of the border, to the United States. The U.S. sends back a tenth the beer by value.
  • The Netherlands and Germany export similar volumes of beer, but the Dutch earn a whole lot more for their brews.
  • Canada and Mexico drink up half of the beer the U.S. exports.
  • Portugal is the only country in the top ten whose number one market is in Africa, Angola specifically.
  • Greenland isn’t a typo. For the purposes of international trade the autonomous country is broken out from the Kingdom of Denmark. While the Danes ship over half their beer to Germany, 1.5% was enough to lodge Greenland in their top ten — ahead of France and the U.S. among others.

Data via International Trade Centre.