Oh 2015, how you’ve come and gone. It feels like just yesterday that we were imbibing a little too hard on New Year’s and dancing with that person from Tinder that we avoid on the way to work now. Even though we may have some regrets (I’m looking at you Netflix & Chill) it is important to look back on the past and reflect. Thus, in no particular order we’ve gathered some of our favorite 2015 moments and characterized each of them as an iconic bottle of vino, because if there’s one thing we all don’t regret from 2015, it’s the wine we savored.

The Dress

Is it blue or gold?Isn’t it great to live in a world where a single piece of clothing can destroy Twitter overnight? The viral sensation that made everyone book eye doctor appointments and question life choices was all fun and games in the beginning yet went too far once we started receiving calls from our grandmas. We cheers with this young blend of regret—because who really cares about the color of the dress anyway.

Marriage Equality

Marriage EqualityAfter a long battle of legislation and confusing state regulations, this summer, the Supreme Court made their final decision on the issue of gay marriage. After all this time, now everyone can have the chance to host an open bar at their legal wedding (because that’s what it’s all about, right??). Congrats to all of the newlyweds of 2015. We open this romantic bottle of Pinot Noir in honor of Kim Davis, because guess what…love wins.

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Greece FinancialIf we were movie critics, we’d give “My Big Fat Greek Financial Crisis” one star for a weak cast and depressing plot line. Nobody likes to open their email newsletter in the morning and find a country’s economy in turmoil. Hopefully this means my dream vacation to Santorini just got a little more real. We raise our glasses with a fine Xinomavro to stimulate the economy of John Stamos’ homeland.

Star Wars

Sith SyrahNobody could hide from the Star Wars mania. Seriously, even a bag of grapes wasn’t safe from the Disney branding. The movie that resurrected a series for a completely new generation broke box office records and personal expectations. We saved our Sith Syrah for this exact moment. May the booze be with you.

Pop Stars Gone Too Far

Pop Star DramaWhen your own mother starts talking about her “squad goals” one knows the metaphorical (left) shark has officially been jumped. Taylor Swift’s lawsuits, The Weeknd’s bee’s nest, Katy Perry’s backup dancers, Miley’s “petz” and Nicki’s shouting of “what’s good?” took pop culture to a new level. This spicy Malbec is just as exciting as a heated Twitter feud gone wrong.

“Orange Is The New Throne of Mad Men”

TV GoldAnyone who thinks 2015 wasn’t a golden year for television was just too busy catching up with the Kardashians to notice. We binged over some amazing Netflix originals, crowded our DVRs with shocking series finales, and muted our Twitter timelines for spoilers. You can’t step three feet down the block without finding someone waiting in the fetal position for Game of Thrones to drop—that’s when you know you’ve got good T.V. We wouldn’t trade this liquid gold Burgundy for anything…well unless you’re up for sharing that Hulu password…

Hello? It’s me.

Adele Hello The soundtrack of your slightly overemotional wine nights, Adele made everyone stop what they were doing and actually answer the damn phone when their ex came calling. “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to pour me” said this stunning Zinfandel before you opened it up and started crying about love again.

Weather from “The Day After Tomorrow”

Weather for tomorrowThe year of wacky weather—2015 did not do anybody any favors. There was no way your closet could have been prepared for the record highs and shocking lows we saw this year. Why is it 80 degrees in December? Since summer never really ended does that mean I can still drink rosé and not feel judged about it? Just to be sure, we’re going to open it before the next Polar Vortex comes.

Caitlyn Jenner

CaitlynYou couldn’t scroll down Facebook without seeing a very specific magazine cover. Shot by the glorious Annie Leibovitz, this specific issue of Vanity Fair was different. No, it was groundbreaking. The story of Olympian Bruce Jenner transitioning to social icon Caitlyn Jenner filled headlines and discussions for weeks. Here at VinePair we’re uncorking a bottle of “Call Me Cabernet” because no matter what’s inside, we all deserve to be who we want to be. <3

Donald Trump And All The Other Political Bullshit

Debate FuelIt wouldn’t be a 2015 review without Donald Trump and the rest of the political squad. The man who managed to make horrible claims about major groups of people in record time left us wondering if we were drinking out of bitterness or drinking to forget he existed. This group also made us question if Hillary’s emails were just a drunken mishap and if Bernie Sander’s is in a perpetual tipsy state with his claims. With the election coming up, we can only hope that somebody wakes us up from this horrible nightmare we’re having. We just bought a case of our “drinking game approved” table wine because that’s the real reason we have these “kid’s table” debates anyway.

Paris & Global Unrest

Global UnrestHere at VinePair, sometimes we get a little too slap-happy after a glass or four and can manage to find a joke in almost anything. However, this year the world has been in an intense state and it’s nothing to joke about. Paris and other attacks in our global community have made it apparent something needs to be done. For the many lives we all lost this year, we pour out our finest Bordeaux. May we all come together in 2016 and find peace.