The Flavors In Your Favorite Beers Visualized

As we know, beer is fragrant and delicious, but the actual aromas and tastes found in beer vary a ton from brew to brew. We decided in order to make those scents more easily identifiable, why not visualize them. How many of these smells and tastes have you recognized while drinking your favorite beer?


This is what an IPA smells/tastes like

Known for their hoppy sweetness, IPAs (India Pale Ales) are often filled with tropical fruit flavors like banana and pineapple. Many IPAs have floral qualities, as well as a touch of grapefruit, wood, and herbaceousness. You might find tangy pepper notes and sweet caramel as well. A little bit of barley or malt will also stand out.

Porter & Stout

This is what a porter/stout tastes/smells like

Porters and stouts often have dark fruit flavors like dried cherries. You’ll commonly taste coffee, toffee, and nuts. Bold cereal flavors like barley and oats will assert themselves. Like IPAs, caramel is also often a front-running taste.

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Wheat Beer

This is what a wheat beer tastes/smells like

A pint of wheat beer will likely be full of clove and banana, a wonderful combination of mild sweetness and light zest. Due to (of course) being made of wheat, wheat beer has bready and yeasty flavors. Sweet honey – a little less heavy than caramel – will also make its way into sips.

Brown Ale

This is what a brown ale tastes/smells like

Roasty brown ale is chock full of fruit flavors like crisp apple, succulent plum, and sweet raisins. Like stouts and porters, you’ll pick up on some coffee, as well as malt and toasted biscuits. All of the fruitiness is rounded out with caramel.


This is what a pilsner tastes/smells like

Simple pilsners are often noted for their bitter quality. You might taste earthy grass, oats, barley, and a hint of lemon tang.


This is what a saison tastes/smells like

Saison beers will typically have tons of fruit, including but not limited to berries, apples, and stone fruits like pears or peaches. A little bit of malt or barley will dance with funky, non-traditional flavors as crazy as mushrooms.