The 100 Best Selling Liquor Brands In The World [INFOGRAPHICS]

What’s the most popular liquor brand in the world? If you guessed something you can find at a typical American bar, you guessed wrong. When it comes to volume, no one drinks quite like Koreans — so it’s no surprise their national drink of choice, soju, took the global top spot (and #4 spot) in 2014. Yes, the best selling liquor in the world last year was HITE-Jinro’s Jinro brand soju. The map and three infographics below reveal a few more surprises about the 100 best selling (by volume) liquor brands in the world.

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MAP: Where The 20 Best Selling Liquor Brands Are Made

Limiting ourselves to the twenty top selling brands reveals a few interesting facts. While India dominates the top twenty, every continent aside from Australia and Africa make appearances. Want an interesting piece of trivia? The world’s best selling brandy and gin are both made in the Philippines. The best selling whisky and rum? You’ll head to India for those bottles. Click the map to see a full-size version.

MAP: The 20 Most Popular Liquor Brands In The World

Exploring The Type Of Liquor The World Loves

What’s the world drinking? A whole lot of whisk(e)y — particularly Indian Whisky. In fact, six of the top twenty brands in the world are Indian Whiskys!

The Type Of Liquors That Make Up The World's Top 100 Liquor Brands

The Companies Who Own The Big Brands

The graphic below groups together the top 100 liquor brands in two ways — by type of liquor and by the company who owns the brand(s). You can see both companies who have multiple entries in the top 100, and companies with single brands, ‘small’ and monstrous. We should note that many of the companies represented on the graphic below have many other brands beyond the world’s 100 best sellers.

The Companies Who Sell The World's Top 100 Liquor Brands

The Top 100 Liquor Brands In The World

Want to dig a bit deeper into the data? Here’s the entire top 100. If you find anything interesting, let everyone know in the comments.

The World's Top 100 Liquor Brands