#ShowerWine Is A Thing. Here’s Why It’s Awesome!

The Recipe For A Perfect Shower Wine

You’ve probably heard of a growing trend known as “shower-beer.” A favorite among hipsters and college students alike, for those who don’t know, a shower-beer is a bottle of brew that you enjoy in the shower. The process is straightforward. Crack open your favorite beer and then take some sips in between rinsing and repeating.

However, those who pledge their allegiance to wine can’t let the brewmasters have all of the fun. Thankfully, winos alike can stand together and embrace the magic of shower-wine.

As a noun, the word is similar to the (lesser, *cough cough*) shower-beer. Shower-wine is just a glass of wine that you drink while showering or while sitting in the bathtub.

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But as a verb, shower-wine is more than a glass of wine you enjoy during your exfoliating face wash. To shower-wine is to completely decompress and cleanse your mind of stress and nonsense of daily life while wrapped in the safety of your shower.

It’s an art form. But don’t worry, anyone can #ShowerWine if they believe in themselves and the magical powers of wine. Here’s the rundown.

For you to ‘shower-wine’ properly, you must take the baggage from work, school, or from eating an entire pizza by yourself (we’ve all been there) and check that nonsense at the bathroom door. When you shower-wine, you have to let the steam surround you as your lips meet the glass of wine so all of your troubles melt away. You need to indulge in the citrus notes of your Pinot Grigio as the shower spray comes down. While it seems a little involved, when done right it’s like hearing your favorite song for the first time. Shower-wine is like kissing a loved one in the middle of a downpour.

It’s extremely romantic.

And everybody’s doing it.

Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

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And people are investing in the art of #showerwine.

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Whether it’s buying a bigger glass for less refills.

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Or by outfitting your shower with a wine glass holder.

But drinking from the bottle is fine too.

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Seriously. Those who #Showerwine do not judge.

You can even partake with a plastic cup. It’s like college all over again!

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This isn’t just a hobby. #Showerwine is a lifestyle.

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Cheers to #Showerwine.

Looking to share the love of the beautiful shower-wine? Congrats. You are taking a step further into making the world a better place. We crafted this gift tag for you to attach onto a bottle of wine so you can provide your loved ones the perfect gift of shower-wine. It’s a gift that is foolproof and one they will remember for years to come. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

The Recipe For A Perfect Shower Wine