Imagine a magical elixir that makes you more attractive to yourself and your date, helps you slim down, and gets you in the mood. Look no further than a glass of vino. Wine has a multitude of health benefits, including strengthening your heart and possibly lowering people’s risk for diabetes, but where wine really shines is in the department of attractiveness. Let’s look at all the ways wine can bring out your inner sexiness.

We’ll start with the best news you’ve heard all summer: wine can help you drop a few pounds (or prevent you from putting on more). Drinking a glass of wine or two is said to help curb cravings for more unhealthy foods, like junk snacks and large servings of pasta. The fact of the matter is that wine is often lower in calories than a lot of so-called “bad” foods, and has other nutritional benefits. This is particularly relevant when it comes to those late night munchies before bed. Instead of tearing through your kitchen for leftovers and packs of M&M’s, have a glass of wine. It’s way lower in calories than a snack raid, and the much healthier “indulgence” will prevent you from wanting to eat more.

When it comes to dating, wine both ups your inner confidence and makes you more attractive to other people. Let’s say you’re on a date and you’re kind of nervous – hey, it happens! A few glasses of wine will relax you, bringing out your best qualities. Most importantly, you’ll be content with yourself. Being relaxed and happy with yourself is sexy, and we’re not just telling you that. Studies confirm that as you relax with a glass of wine, your facial muscles loosen, your pupils dilate, and your face flushes ever-so-cutely – all evolutionarily desirable traits to potential mates.

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Wine makes you sexySo, you look great, your date thinks you’re a 10/10, now what can wine do for you? Put you in the mood, of course! Smelling wine can put you in the mood, because as we know, aromas trigger memories. Pleasant “memory aromas” in your wine can transport you to a beautiful beach or a lush Italian vineyard. Think about it – would you be excited and turned on if your date took you somewhere gorgeous and exciting, like hot-air ballooning over an apple orchard? Well, smelling a glass of wine can have the same effect. So when it comes to getting yourself in the mood, make sure to give your wine a nice big sniff.

Wine also increases your sex drive. A group of Italian researchers found that compounds in wine arouse women. As for men, arousal has to do a lot with testosterone. Typically, when a man urinates, he rids himself of testosterone due to an enzyme called UGTb17. However, red wine blocks the enzyme, keeping him in the mood.

By the time you and your date get home, you might be headed straight for bed. Just remember to keep your weight loss regimen in check with your nightly glass of wine.