The Etiquette Of Pouring More Wine At A Party

You’re at a friend’s house for dinner, there’s an open bottle of wine on the table, and your glass is nearly empty. You’d love to pour yourself a little more wine, but are unsure how to avoid looking like a lush. You also don’t want to appear to be hogging all the wine.

Here’s the game plan to ensure you look like a rockstar dinner guest:

If the wine is close to you, there’s nothing wrong with picking up the bottle and pouring yourself a little more, but, if you choose to do this, never ever pour yourself more first. After you pick up the bottle, scan the table and see if anyone else needs a refill. Before pouring more for yourself, first pour more for those who are sitting close to you, always giving precedence to the ladies at the table. Then, after giving everyone around you a little more, you can reward yourself with more wine as well.

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If the bottle is too far to reach, you may ask that the bottle be passed, but again, first check to see if anyone else would like more wine before pouring some for yourself.

Use this strategy and you’ll ensure that you’ll always be invited back!