Wine Glass Collection

Elizabeth Hood, who wrote for us last month about learning how to navigate a wine list on the job, loves her wine glass collection. Seriously. Not just a little, but a lot. Her love for her glassware collection extends so far that it inspired a series of haikus. Now we’ve heard of wine-inspired poetry, but this is the first we’re hearing of wine glass-inspired poetry. Are you as intrigued as we were? Well, wait no longer. In celebration of National Poetry Month, we offer you Elizabeth’s haikus.

  • Swarovski crystal
    Flutes etched with falling snowflakes
    To start wedded bliss
  • Tiny lace details
    Perfect for toasting Champagne
    A gram of my best lived life
  • Four Riedel stemless
    Ever the consummate host
    Turn up the slow jams
  • A case bought in bulk
    Easy to fill to the brim
    A party pre-req
  • My go to Cab glass
    Designed to suit him or her
    Welcomes the big pour
  • A plain white wine glass
    Use me most in summer or
    Mimosas for brunch
  • Vintage and floral
    Too tiny to be of use
    Look good on display

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