If you’re like me, you inherited most of your alcohol preferences from your parents. Growing up, I learned to appreciate red wine from my mother and how to enjoy tequila (chilled, straight up, no fruit) from my father. These days, those are essentially the only two alcoholic beverages I drink. There’s still nothing better than celebrating, unwinding or just hanging out with my dad over a glass of his favorite tequila.

If you haven’t purchased a Father’s Day gift yet, don’t worry: this Sunday is the perfect opportunity to thank your dad for teaching you about booze.

For the dad who wants to get wasted on Sunday: Shot Glass Chess Set

Chess SetMy dad may have taught me to drink, but he also taught me how to play chess (albeit very poorly). This gift has the added bonus of providing an activity that you can do together while getting hammered. When the game ends, you can both sleep it off in the sun until dinner time—everyone’s a winner!

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For the sentimental beer connoisseur: Beer Cap Map of the US

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsThese made-to-order maps feature a variety of countries and all 50 states. If you and your pops are fond of enjoying a brew together, there’s no better way to commemorate the different beers you’ve sampled across the country.

For the dad who likes to host: Stylish Infuser

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsIn the summer, I’ve always found something particularly festive and refreshing about a glass of sangria; my personal recipe has been known to yield some dangerously potent apple slices. If your dad is the type to invite friends over on the weekends, help him elevate the experience with a classy infuser that will look great as the cocktails brew.

For the DIY adventurer: Small Batch Homebrewing Starter Kit

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsIf you want something done right, I’ve heard you’re supposed to do it yourself. I don’t know if that particularly adage applies to beer, but there’s certainly no harm in trying. Let the scientifically inclined dads try to make a brew of their own. Who knows, there may be a microbrewery in his future!

For the dad in the know: Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsEvery time I’ve gone to a bar recently, I’ve seen at least one person drinking a Moscow Mule. These vodka and ginger beer cocktails, and the telltale copper mugs that they come in, have been steadily making a comeback. If your dad isn’t like all the other dads (he’s a cool dad) grab him a couple of these stylish mugs and whip up a batch.

For the single malt-sipping connoisseur: Whiskey Stones

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsAlthough I truly hate whiskey, I can appreciate the ingenuity of a whiskey stone. These soapstone blocks get super cold after a few hours in the freezer but won’t melt and dilute your drink as they cool it. If your dad is a purist when it comes to his whiskey, he’ll love these.

For the dad with something to celebrate: Champagne Sabre

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsChampagne is the ultimate celebration drink. Sabring the bottle makes you look like a badass. It’s true; every year on New Year’s Eve, my sister sabres a bottle and for a couple minutes, she’s an absolute rockstar. If your family is celebrating any occasions this summer, give him a few minutes to relive his glory days when he pops the top off this bottle.

For the Oenophiliac: Luigi Bormioli Gatto 52-Ounce Wine Decanter

Father's Day Booze Themed GiftsNot all decanters have to cost a fortune. This beautiful decanter provides a visually stimulating conversation piece, plus it won’t break the bank. Plus, every time your dad decants a bottle, he’ll think of you. Who’s the favorite child now?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!