Should you be gulping a cold one instead of a protein shake after a workout? According to recent research, the answer might be yes.

Charlie Bamforth, professor of brewing sciences at the University of California, Davis, says when consumed in moderation, beer contains nutrients, among them selenium (which contains antioxidants), B vitamins (which aid in energy), phosphorus (which is said to help with strong bones and teeth), and niacin (which is possibly beneficial to cholesterol). Moreover, beer packs in a good amount of protein, a bit of fiber, and silicon, which some sources say can prevent osteoporosis. These are all nutrients that are ideal for your body to consume after hitting the gym.

An added bonus? Studies also credit beer with stress reduction (well, we could’ve told you that) and muscle upkeep. Additionally, Bamforth stated that while both beer and wine contain antioxidants, those contained in the former are possibly more likely to be readily absorbed by the body.

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While some of you may be running out to grab an IPA, others may be asking yourself if the calories in beer will actually undue your workout – not really. Think of beer as a small meal, which is basically what a protein shake is. According to Dr. Arthur Klatsky, who’s a researcher on the effects of drinking booze, “beer has more nutrients, often more calories, B vitamins. It’s more like a food [than wine or spirits].” That being said, the lower in alcohol your beer, the fewer calories it’ll have. Remember you want a “small” meal, not a feast. For this we recommend a session beer, like Founder’s All Day IPA.

Another fun fact? The beer belly is a myth. There’s no real evidence behind the beer belly, other than if you drink beer in excess, you’ll end up intaking a lot of calories and end up putting on fat. However, there’s nothing unique to beer’s nature that makes you resemble Santa Claus. Those with beer bellies are probably just indulging in some greasy bar food.

The bottom line? Moderation is key, but beer has some serious perks – definitely enough to justify stopping by the bar after your next workout.