Browsing websites is obviously how most of us spend our day (and night), but sometimes it’s nice to go offline and spend some quality time with an old fashioned (printed) book…glass of wine in tow. Removed from the glow of the screen (and the desire to fall down a Google/Wikipedia rabbit hole), our minds are free to relax a little and take a load off. Which brings us to our latest book round-up surrounding the beverage we at VinePair hold so dear: wine (plus a few other alcoholic beverages mixed in for good luck). Spring offerings include poetry, design, history, a book by one of our favorite bloggers out there as well as a history of one of our other favorite beverages: the Negroni cocktail.

Hope you’re thirsty…

Wine Tasting Poems by Chef Tummy

We’ve paid tribute to the world of wine and poetry before with a few wine haikus inspired by wine glasses, so it’s fun to see entire book dedicated to the cause. Poems like this one definitely entice us to read more:

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dusty wine cellar
rare vintages to taste
I bring my own glass
Wine Tasting Poems

Cheers!: Wine Cellar Design II by ArtPower International

While I don’t have a personal wine cellar of my own, that hasn’t stopped me from drooling over a little wine cellar porn before. Wine cellars = beautiful.

Finger Lakes Wine Country by Sarah S. Thompson

We’re pretty much obsessed with wine history here at VinePair HQ, so it’s no surprise that we’d want to take a trip back in time to visit a wine region in our home state of New York.
Finger Lakes Wine Country

Wine and Space: Architectural Design for Vinotheques, Wine Bars and Shops edited by Denis Duhme, Katrin Friederichs, and Heinz-gert Woschek

Beautiful architecture can take your breath away. What can take your breath away more than beautiful architecture that houses beautiful wine? Nothing. Dig into this book in April and for now dig into our Pinterest board dedicated to wine bar and store design.
Wine and Space

Who’s on the Bottle: Liquid Curiosities Uncorked by Robert Booth

If you’ve ever wondered “which bestselling whisky was originally created by a teetotaler” or “how an ex-banker’s wife’s collection of empty scent bottles led to today’s 57ml bottle which is an essential in every bar in the world,” then this is your book.
Who's on the Bottle

The Negroni: Drinking to La Dolce Vita, with Recipes & Lore by Gary Regan

One part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part Campari and you’re on your way to enjoying one of the most delightful cocktails in the world.
The Negroni

Reverse Wine Snob: How to Buy and Drink Great Wine without Breaking the Bank by Jon Thorsen

A great friend of VinePair who has been championing great, affordable wine before it was in fashion, Jon Thorsen has written a book that’s an absolute must-read.
Reverse Wine Snob

The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion by Julie Reiner

One of the top female mixologists in the country, Julie Reiner has written a book that includes the perfect cocktail for every occasion.
Craft Cocktail Party

The History of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond by Oz Clarke

Wine, history, design all combined in one book? Sounds like a winner to me.
The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

Bar Chef by Frankie Solarik

A cocktail bar in Toronto, Bar Chef is owned by Frankie Solarik, who has written a book that includes “a carefully curated sampling of [his] creations, featuring recipes that are challenging but achievable, and oh so delicious.”
The Bar Chef