Don’t you feel sophisticated when snacking on a croissant? It’s one of my not-so-guilty pleasures (read: I eat croissants pretty often). While savoring one earlier this week, it dawned on me that I’ve never had a croissant with the most obvious of beverages: wine! But why stop at a croissant? Why not go all out and have a glass of vino every time you’re having a bagel? Well, because most of New York City would be drunk before work. But the sentiment remains, pastries go great with wine. Here are nine you should be pairing right now.

Cheese Danish & Sauvignon Blanc

Pair these pastries with these wines

Not super sweet, hardly ever oaked, yet still agreeably crisp, Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect accompaniment to the semi-sugary Cheese Danish. The acidity of Sauvignon Blanc also cuts well through the sharpness of cheese.

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Chocolate Muffin & Malbec

Pair these pastries with these wines

Hearty, filling, and of course, chocolatey, the chocolate muffin was born to stand side-by-side with this Argentine red. Just like a chocolate muffin, Malbec is a crowd pleaser – no easy feat for a red wine. Evergrowing in popularity, Malbec is the wine for consumers, not sommeliers.

Croissant & Chenin Blanc

Pair these pastries with these wines

There’s something so flirty about a croissant, and I happen to think ‘Chenin Blanc’ is the most elegant sounding grape varietal. But aside from that, the floral, tangy, off-dry taste of Chenin Blanc pairs wonderfully with the lovely flakiness of a croissant. Chenin Blanc is also the grape varietal I choose when introducing people to wine.

Brioche & Chardonnay

Pair these pastries with these wines

Chardonnay, specifically oaked Chardonnay, has the potential to be thick and buttery. While lots of people rally against oaked Chards, I think on certain occasions they’re scrumptious. One of those occasions is when you’re eating brioche, a fluffy pastry similar to enriched bread. If you’re feeling really glutenous, add a pat of butter to your brioche. Mmm…

Slice of Blueberry Pie & Syrah

Pair these pastries with these wines

One of the most tannin-packed and dark wines around, Syrah deserves a pastry that’s a meal. The viscous texture of the preserves combined with the chewy crust of blueberry pie stand up great to this heavy red. However, as Syrah also packs in plenty of fruit, the blueberry also adds a nice complemental berry flavor.

Macaroons & Moscato

Pair these pastries with these wines

Sweet and light, you don’t want to overpower an adorable macaroon with a dessert wine that’s syrupy. Moscato is full of sugar, but texturally it’s perfect for the wafer-like consistency of macaroons. We’ll have two more, please.

Raisin Roll & Pinot Noir

Pair these pastries with these wines

This popular red wine is always a safe bet, just like the raisin roll. But hey, safe doesn’t mean boring! Great for big crowds, raisin rolls please your colleagues and grandmother alike. A bottle of Pinot Noir will be sure to do the same thing.

Bagel & Rosé

Pair these pastries with these wines

Though not a varietal but a type of wine, Rosé goes well with bagels for one simple reason: brunch, anyone? If you’re attending a brunch gathering, you’re guaranteed to be a hit by showing up with a bag of bagels and a nice bottle of this beautifully pink wine.

Birthday Cake & Sparkling Wine

Pair these pastries with these wines

Go ahead, enjoy. You deserve it. That’s the feeling I get whenever I have either of these. Theme aside, the lemon or white cake often used in birthday dessert is perfect for a nice off-dry glass of bubbly. Cleanse your palate with Prosecco or Champagne before stealing some extra frosting.

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