We want to see these booze kickstarters fundedAh, Kickstarter, a wonderful place where creativity becomes actualized through the generosity of others. When it comes to the world of booze, the problem isn’t the lack of innovation, but the sky-high price tag of entering the business. Making alcohol requires tons of legal and manufacturing costs, so a successful Kickstarter campaign seems like a good place to start.

When we originally went to compile this list, we were searching for upstart wineries, breweries, and distilleries. However, once you delve into the K-hole, it’s not easy to pull yourself out. We discovered dozens of booze-related projects – some involving alcohol production, some involving wine accessories, and some others defying categorization. We narrowed this list down to seven tipsy projects – all still in progress – that we’d like to fund. We’re hoping you’ll want to fund them, too…

1. The California Spirits Company

We’ve already established that San Diego is a great city for beer. Now, the California Spirits Company wants to make it a great city for spirits, specifically fruit-infused rum. We can get behind that.

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We want to see the California Spirits Company funded on Kickstarter

2. Dr. Charles Levine Gin Kit

This beautifully designed kit helps you infuse vodka to make your own gin. It would make a great gift.

We want to see this gin kit funded on Kickstarter

3. Hip Hops

This is a beautifully designed card game that’s craft-beer themed. The objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Each player gets two cards to start with. The rest of the pile is placed face down. The person who has the card with the lowest listed ABV starts, putting that card face up in a separate pile called the “session pile”, then drawing another card from the first pile. The next player has to place a card that has a higher ABV than the last card played. If they don’t have a card with a higher ABV, they have to pick up the whole session pile. To see the rest of the rules, check out the Hip Hops Kickstarter page.

We want to see Hip Hops get funded on Kickstarter

4. Bacon Bourbon by Ol’ Major

This is a new commercial bourbon infused with bacon. We’re assuming they’re using a fat-washing technique, although maybe they’re just leaving the bacon to bob around in the whiskey. Regardless, we want to try it.

We wanted to see this bacon infused bourbon funded

5. Roo Booze-Bike Pouches

These packs allow you to carry up to 6 bottles on your bike. Party, anyone?

We want to see these Roo bike wine pouches funded

6. BYO Wine Rack

In this case, BYO stands for build your own. You can assemble these colorful wine racks in lots of different variations. It’s like IKEA got creative.

We want to see this BYO wine rack get funded on Kickstarter

7. The Bev-Can Body Spray Secret Flask

While we’re not sure how pulling out a can of body spray would ever be preferable to just pulling out a flask, we do find the concept of this pretty funny. There’s also a hairbrush flask.

We want to see this body spray flask funded

All images courtesy of respective Kickstarter projects