6 Of The Coolest Places To Stay In Burgundy On AirBnB

Burgundy Landscape

We all have idyllic visions of our ultimate wine country vacation. We’ll eat amazing food fresh from the farm, drink fantastic wine straight from the barrel, and of course stay in a really unique place. And there is no other wine vacation destination that people fantasize about more than Burgundy. There’s something about the romantic landscape, the humility of the winemakers and of course the celebrated wine that just makes the region a destination above all others. So we wondered, if we were to travel to Burgundy, where are some of the coolest places we could stay? Here’s what we found on Air BnB:

You Could Rent An Entire Castle

Burgundy Castle
This castle is located in the Maconnais region, so just think of all the amazing Chardonnay you’ll drink while you lord over your incredible domaine!

You Could Take Over A Vineyard

Vineyard Burgundy
To the east of the castle in the Maconnais region sits this incredible property that includes a vineyard! We can see it now, by the end of your vacation you’ll be tending the vines and overseeing the upcoming harvest.

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Pretend You’re A Traveling Vineyard Worker

Gypsy Wagon
Accommodations don’t get much more unique than this. Originally a traveling home for roving vineyard workers, this wagon is now firmly planted on a gorgeous hillside in a quaint medieval town. The owner recommends building a fire in the garden and opening a bottle of wine at the end of a long day of wine tasting. Sounds good to us!

You Could Captain Your Own Ship

Burgundy House Boat
How about piloting your own houseboat down the river as you take in the landscape, docking every once in a while to visit a vineyard and refill your wine stock? We thought that sounded pretty awesome and that’s exactly what you can do if you rent this houseboat.

Stay In An Ancient Farmhouse

Burgundy Farmhouse
Steps from this farmhouse is one of Burgundy’s most famous 30-mile bike trails, which cuts through some of the most beautiful vineyards in the Cote Chalonnaise. After a day of riding you can retire to the farm, open a bottle of wine, and pretend the house has been in your family for centuries.

Your Own Manor In The Heart Of Burgundy’s Most Celebrated Region

Want to pretend you own a manor in the heart of the region responsible for the Grand Cru Burgundies that people go absolutely nuts over? Stay here and you can. You may not actually make the wines that go for thousands of dollars a bottle, but at least you can pretend.

Header image via Shutterstock.com