The 20 Most Popular American Beers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Two trends have defined beer brewing and consumption in America over the past decade: craft beer’s relentless growth, and “macro” beer’s slow decline. While craft beer is booming, the sector is still relatively small enough that its own growth (in volume, dollar sales, and the likely unsustainable growth of the number of operating breweries) isn’t enough to reverse the slow decline in American beer consumption. Against that backdrop, we present the twenty best selling American* beers — which feature the usual macro suspects and three craft entries that just might surprise you.

INFOGRAPHIC: The 20 Best Selling American Beers

* IRI is using the widely accepted definition of a domestic beer for the data that this infographic is based upon. That said, a case could certainly be made that all but four of these beers are not in fact, American “domestic” beers at all (there are a number of prominent “imported” beers that are actually brewed in America so where a beer is brewed is not the typically accepted determining factor). A-B InBev is based in Leuven, Belgium, but Budweiser, (and we guess their other beers?) are “NOT IMPORTED” as they reminded America during Super Bowl 50. MillerCoors is headquartered in Chicago, though it is a joint venture of SABMiller (London, UK) and MolsonCoors (dual-headquartered in Montreal, Canada & Denver, Colorado). A-B InBev’s $108 billion purchase of MillerCoors is expected to close this year, pending regulatory approval.